Saying Farewell to Ken Sevenants

Posted by Catherine Rector 3 June 2019 in Announcements

Part of the Sector One legacy is coming to an end as Founder Ken Sevenants has announced that he will be stepping down from his role within the organization.

Ken has served the organization tirelessly since Sector One’s conception five years ago. He’s been integral to its growth and sustainability, but, as he says in his announcement, “it’s time for something new.

He’ll be making the transition to running Digital Sports, the agency under which Sector One is housed. This will shift his focus from the management of a single organization to the growth of the Benelux esports industry as a whole.

What about Sector One?

As of today, Sector One will be under the management of Vincent “Freekje” Vanloo and Jeroen “Jerry” Dobbelaere.

Vincent has been in the Benelux CS:GO scene for more than 10 years, having filled the role of player, coach, and team manager. “It’s a sad day to see Ken stepping down, but we know that this change will create better, stronger futures for both organizations. It’s going to create more chances for growth, as well as provide more focus and energy for current and upcoming projects.”

Jeroen has worked tirelessly as League of Legends and Rocket League manager, not to mention in his roles within the esports community. “Sector One is going to be strange without Ken. He was my guide in the esports scene since the very beginning. He put a lot of trust in me, making me team manager and now General Manager. I’m really grateful. I can’t thank him enough.”

Their combined experience creates a promising future for the organization as they prepare for the next leg of the journey.

Jeroen and Vincent will also be continuing their roles as team managers for the foreseeable future. More information can be requested using the contact information below.

Vincent Vanloo
Email: [email protected]

Jeroen Dobbelaere
Email: [email protected]

Inquiries about Digital Sports can be sent to [email protected].