Seagate and Sector One partner up

Posted by Doppler 1 February 2018 in Partners

Sector One is known for having that connoisseur taste when it comes to… everything? We’re the reigning Belgian Champions. We show our regional dominance across League of Legends, Hearthstone and H1Z1. We push everything and everyone to their limits with hard work, true passion and dedication to all the goals we set to achieve. With this in mind, we’re stoked to welcome Seagate to the Sector One family! Both ships were just waiting to meet and so they did. With the same mindset and philosophy, they set sail together towards future projects.

“We’re used to working with high-end partners and I’m positive that this will be no exception. I happily look forward to taking on major events with our new friends.”
– Ken Sevenants, operational director of Sector One

On top of that, you can expect Sector One players to be showcasing new Seagate product on their streams and socials so that you know which hardware to buy for all your devices!

About Seagate:

Seagate is the global leader in data storage solutions. They develop amazing products that enable people and businesses around the world to create, share and preserve their most critical memories and business data.

Over the years the amount of information stored has grown from megabytes all the way to geopbytes. This only confirms the need to successfully store and access huge amounts of data. As demand for storage technology grows the need for greater efficiency and more advanced capabilities continues to evolve.

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