Sector One goes to Dreamhack France!

Posted by Rondels 9 May 2016 in Hearthstone

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Sector One Goes Dreamhack France

With our new Hearthstone team aligned and ready to compete, we are glad to announce the first international event in which they will partake: Dreamhack Tours in France!

Dreamhack is the world’s biggest LAN party and computer festival and hosts events all across the world: in Texas, Stockholm, Valencia, and now for the second time in Tours, France.

Our Hearthstone line-up is prepared and eager to show off their abilities, but the competition will be fierce. Dreamhack Tours will be well represented by the French E-sport scene, consisting out of some of Hearthstone’s top level players such as Purple, TheFishou, Un33d and Lowelo. Who are always looking to achieve a victory on home soil.

However, “Mitsuhide”, and “Chinoize” are not scared of a little competition and already have experience competing against France’s top Hearthstone players. Taking part in one the biggest online and open team tournaments called: “Team Superbrawl II”, which was hosted by the French E-sport scene. They secured second place out of 128 Hearthstone semi-professional teams and 16 professional teams.
The third player that will be joining them is “Guukboii”, who has already proven his strength online qualifying for both Viagame and Insomnia and has several tournament victories under his belt, the most recent one being the LLL EIZO cup.

During Dreamhack Tours our Hearthstone Team will be competing in a pool of 256 players, from the 14th until the 16th of May. Where they will face some of the toughest opponents in the European scene. We are confident our players will perform to the utmost of their abilities and we will be cheering them on alongside with you![ish_headline tag_size=”h5″]Mitsuhide

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