Sector One goes to Dreamhack Summer in Sweden

Sector One Hearthstone goes to Dreamhack Summer in Sweden!

Guukboii, Jackker and Mitsuhide will be competing amongst the best players in the Hearthstone scene during Dreamhack Summer in Sweden on June 18-20th.

They will be facing off against 200 Hearthstone players in 9 rounds of swiss play, where only the top 16 will be allowed to enter the playoffs in a single elimination bracket. Deamhack Summer is considered a major event with a prize pool of $27,500 and 43 HWC points.

“I’ve been preparing furiously and I’m extremely happy with my line-up. This tournament will not be an easy picking though as the large prize pool attracts pro players from across the globe. I am confident in my abilities and have spent a lot of time preparing for this event, anything less than a prize pool finish will not satisfy me.” – Guukboii   

Notable players attending the event:

  • Sjow
  • Rdu
  • Ostkaka
  • Reynad

Full list of participants can be found here:

Where can I follow the action?

We will be updating the website regularly with live feeds, reporting the scores. The tournament will also be broadcasted on Twitch, and you may even get to see one of our players live on stage at


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