Sector One invited to the NVIDIA GeForce CUP!

Posted by Doppler 16 October 2016 in League of Legends

In a little less than two weeks our League of Legends team will be flying over to Warsaw, Poland to attend as one of the four invited teams to play at the League of Legends GeForce CUP 2016 tournament for a prize pool of $15000!

The GeForce Cup is a two day tournament with a total of four invited teams and four qualified teams. For the past four weeks teams have been trying to qualify to obtain a spot in this tournament. All of the games will be a best of three and single elimination meaning once you lose the best of three, you’re out. The schedule looks as such:

  • Saturday 29th October – 4 quarter final matches where an invited team faces a qualified team.
  • Sunday 30th October – 2 semi final matches and closing it off with the finals.

But who could we possibly face in the tournament? Well, here’s a list of attending teams:


  • Schalke 04
  • Euronics Gaming
  • Mysterious Monkeys
  • Sector One


  • Świdrujące Borsuki
  • Drzewa
  • TEAM #1
  • TBA on Tuesday 18th of October

Stay up to date

If you would like to follow up on how we perform then there’s a few things you can do, watch the stream which will be in polish on October 28th and 29th, follow us on our social media for quick updates or check out our website where we will be posting live updates.