Sector One WCA League of Legends

This weekend, Sector One’s League of Legends team was invited to participate in a tournament by hosted by the World Cyber Arena (a premier organizer of global eSports tournaments). A total of 4 invited teams will battle it out to claim their portion of a huge $14.250 prize pool! Unfortunately the tournament itself isn’t streamed but we’ll make sure to keep you updated!
The finals will be played today around 2 PM, if you would like to stay updated then make sure to follow our Facebook Page!

Prize pool

Like mentioned before there’s a $14.250 prize pool at stake and it’s divided as such:

1st Place $7.500
2nd Place $4.500
3rd Place $1.500
4th Place $750

Participating Teams

  • Sector One
  • Team Refuse
  • Gameplay.DNA
  • Sensei Esports


Sector One WCA League of Legends
Winners bracket round 1 Sector One vs Sensei 1-0
Winners bracket round 1 Team Refuse vs Gameplay.DNA 1-0
Winners bracket round 2 Sector One vs Team Refuse 1-0
Losers bracket round 1 Sensei vs Gameplay.DNA 0-2 1 2
Losers bracket round 2 Gameplay.DNA vs Team Refuse 0-2 1 2
Grand final Sector One vs Team Refuse TBA


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