Sector One Legend Race Rules

Posted by Rondels 21 September 2016 in Hearthstone
Are you ready for the Legend Race?
Full Ruleset

When & Where?

At the Offline Gameforce Location in Mechelen, Belgium.

Day 1: Starts 09:00 AM, finishes 18:00 PM.

Day 2: Race Starts 09:00 AM, finishes 17:00 PM.

Class Selection:

Day 1 & Day 2:

The Class Selection:

Before the day kicks off players will take turns banning classes which other players are not able to use. Each player will receive 3 banned classes.

Last Hour: “Free For All”
Bans no longer apply for the last hour of the day, every player is free to pick any class.

Fresh Accounts:

Each Player will have an account with all basic cards unlocked for every class.

Each player will be awarded with the Hearthstone “Welcome Bundle” as a start.

Each account will have access to the Solo Adventures: Karazhan, League of Explorers and Black Rock Mountain. The adventures will still have to be played.

Cards from Solo Adventures May not be Disenchanted.

Contest Rules:

Each player will begin at the same time.

There will be a mandatory break every 4 Hours.

At the end of the contest whoever is highest on the ladder wins the $500 prize and is crowned champion. (stars count, legendary rank counts)

Every segment (contest end, every pause for a duel, etc) will start when every player finishes their current game. So if a player finds a match with 1 minute left in the contest, they will complete that game and it will count.

If two players have the same rank and stars, they will play in a BO5 showdown.

Random Ladder Encounters:

If two players randomly meet on ladder, the winner of the match can choose a card of his opponent’s collection that they need to disenchant. The loser will also receive a 5 minute time-out.

Earning Packs:


Every player gets 3 packs per hour. The player can choose to get normal, WoToG or TGT card packs.

Twitch Chat, best chat
Every now and then Twitch chat can decide what will happen to the players. Will the town’s favorite get some extra packs or will the village idiot get punished?


Every 5 hours, the players will be randomly paired into two matches and play in a 1v1 BO1 single elimination tournament. The winner will be awarded with 5 extra packs.

Social Media

Viewers will be able to vote through the facebook appp who gets some extra packs!

Catch up

Every third hour the players in a disadvantagious position will be awarded with the following to catch up:

4th = 3 Packs
3rd = 2 Packs
2nd = 1 Pack
1st = 0 Packs