Sector One takes home the WCA League of Legends Invitational at Gamescom

Posted by Neill Vanhaelen 25 August 2016 in League of Legends

Congratulations to our League of Legends team on winning the WCA League of Legends invitational tournament. We beat Team Refuse 2-1 in the grand final meaning we take home $7.500!

Game 1

First game we played by the book, we got ahead in laning phase which we turned into a significant gold lead that allowed us to snowball the game by controlling objectives and taking the team fights that we wanted to.
There was a bit of miscommunication in the end at the nexus but we managed to close the game out with an outstanding 8k gold lead.

Game 2

Second game was a whole different story, the enemy put a high emphasize on getting their top laner ahead in the early game which held Bwipo back quite a bit. They managed to keep their pressure up with constant roaming and collapsing onto us. Unfortunately we couldn’t close the gap, resulting in a 1-1 standing.

Game 3

Last game we gave it us all and it showed. Every single lane won hard which allowed us to dominate the game by freely rotating the map, taking objectives and forcing them into fighting us. In the end we managed to end the game within 27 minutes, a 16k gold lead and 24-4 in kills.

Finishing the series with a astounding Team KDA of 5.46.

A word from the team’s captain, Bwipo

Team captain Gabriël ‘Bwipo’ Rau said:
“I’d like to thank WCA for giving us the opportunity to compete. After a great day one in which we won both upper bracket games, we placed ourselves in the grand finals. Although this gave us a considerable advantage towards the last set, I knew based on my experience in game one versus Team Refuse that we had to step up our team communication to beat them again. The other competitors had everything on the line, giving us critical information about their possible champion picks and bans.

I’m happy to say that our sub players Deathrip and Forsaken performed as expected. However I’d like to emphasize on Forsaken’s excellent communication during the grand finals, allowing me and Broeder to step up our shotcalling which was crucial to our victory.

Moving forward, we’ll be competing with our main roster at FoM 18.1 and The Reality 17!. The team as well as myself look forward to competing with our full line up once again.”