Sjoesie Wins Back to Backs Kazyr League Titles

Posted by Catherine Rector 24 June 2019 in Hearthstone

Sunday was the Kayzr League Hearthstone finals, and Sjoesie has once again taken home first prize.

The finals came after a five-week group stage with six players. While the group stage was played online, the semi-finals and finals were cast live on location in the Game Mania Amsterdam Experience Store.

Sjoesie’s semi-final opponent was mCon’s CptnKitty. A regular in the Benelux Hearthstone scene, CptnKitty didn’t take it easy on him. The matches quickly turned into a 0-2 lead for CptnKitty, leaving S1 fans on the edge of their seat. But that third loss never came. Sjoesie pulled out a reverse-sweep, winning all three of the following matches.

Sector One - Hearthstone - Kayzr League - Sjoesie Badajimpom 3

His opponent for the finals had already been decided. Mitsuhide had beaten out Corax’ Aikoio in the previous round. Beating Mitsuhide would be no small task. He’d recently swept his way through the Benelux, claiming title after title, even qualifying for the Hearthstone Las Vegas Masters Tour. But if anyone could take him, it was Sjoesie.

The finals went the full five rounds. Sjoesie took the first round but lost the second and third. The fourth round was a long as Sjoesie pulled out his Warrior to take on Mitsuhide’s Mage. The deck refused to be taken down and he brought himself to 2-2 matchpoint.

The final round was a quick one, however, as Sjoesie’s Warrior wiped Mitsuhide’s Rogue from the board in under seven minutes. You can watch the games in their entirety here:

Winning Kayzr isn’t the last stop for Sjoesie. There are several qualifiers he’s got his eyes on, as well as the upcoming season. If you want to follow his adventures (and grab his deck lists) follow him on Twitter.