How many times have you spent hours killing a boss and gone on to the next without ever knowing much about them? We tend to take them for granted as an enemy to defeat, but you would probably be very surprised at their incredible backstories and how they fit into the World of Warcraft.

We hope to enrich your game experience in some small way by sharing a bit of what we know about them with you in our new  monthly lore article “Story of a Boss”. This is not meant to be a full retelling of their history but a fun and brief  overview of interesting facts that people may not know about them.

Who better to begin the first edition with than Argus, the somewhat mysterious last boss of the current raid and the expansion Antorus, the Burning Throne.

He has such an incredible story that deserves to be heard and is sure to leave you wanting to learn more about the lore. You can follow the link at the end of this article for in depth info on this subject and we hope to see you again next month for another edition when we highlight another of these interesting figures.

Argus : The Boss, Planet & Titan

Argus was not always as we see him when we fight him at the end of the raid. By this point he has been tortured by Sargeras for millenia and used as a battery to fuel the constant regeneration of fallen demons for the Burning Legion.

His body bears marks of his torture with the spikes that seem to go through his armor into his body, ouch! And what we can see of his face is mostly bone. Its fair to say that we can’t blame him for being crazy angry after all that.

1200px-Argus_Headshot skull

Argus is a Titan. One of the rare, godlike beings that are born within a select few planets that have “world souls” within them.

For thousands of years before it was torn apart by the Burning Legion, Argus was a peaceful planet with high concentrations of magic populated by powerful sorcerers. It was ruled in those days by none other than Velen and Kil’ Jaeden.

After a failed attempt to overthrow the leaders ends in Sargeras finding and seizing Argus, Velen escapes with his followers who then become the draenei or “exiled ones”. Sargeras converts the remaining leaders to demon lords making Argus the homeworld of the Burning Legion.

Fast forward to current events and we know that a portal to Argus has been reopened allowing us to see it in the sky above Azeroth. We are taking the fight to Sargeras to save the titans he has imprisoned and finally end the Burning Legion once and for all.

In Antorus, The Burning Throne we defeat the champions of the Burning Legion as well as meet and rescue the Pantheon of other titans that have been held there.

The Pantheon of Titans

Argus is too far gone and can’t be saved but with the titans help we see that Sargeras is imprisoned inside with Illidan Stormrage there to keep him company as his jailer forever.

But we can’t forget Illidan, he’s too awesome, so we are covering him next month!

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We leave you with the incredible score of the fight “Seat of the Pantheon” by Glenn Stafford and Adam Burgess and also the link to a reputable resource where you can read much more information about these and other subjects in the World of Warcraft.