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Welcome Sector One GWENT

Sector One is proud to officially announce that we have added a Gwent line up to our pro team roster. With an alliance of...

Gwent Pro Ladder Weekly Trends #1 by Lorenthiel

I am Lorenthiel and I would like to present you with a new series of short articles that will focus on the trends that we had during the last week (for this one I have data from 4 days), and what decks/techs were underestimated in the past week that might impact the meta in the upcoming week.

Top Faction Decks #2 By LbDutchboy with Lorenthiel and Moody_

Whether you want to climb normal ladder or to grind pro ladder and see how far you can get, you can find you decks here. We have listed one of the if not the best deck for every faction.

Top Faction Decks by LbDutchboy

Greetings fellow card slingers, Welcome to our first Gwent Top Faction Decks where you can find the best faction deck for every faction. Whether you are a pro ladder grinder or a casual ranked ladder player, there will be a deck for you.

Sector One is looking for Gwent players

Sector One is proud to announce a new title to our roster in the new and exciting addition to the realm of competitive gaming... Gwent.
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