Rocket League

A new Rocket League team in town

We make our great return on Rocket League! We signed an entirely new roster who will compete for us in the newest RL competition in the Benelux, the Elite Series RL. These freshly-arrived players will also play the biggest tournaments in Europe for us, like the RLCS (Rocket League Championship Series) for example.

Getting a slot in the Elite Series RL was the perfect moment for us to jump back into the Rocket League game.
With this roster, we chose to take a more local approach signing a captain coming directly from Brussels and 2 other players coming from Belgium. We really think that it’s important to make the Belgian Rocket League scene shine again, especially with this team and with the banger content we want to output in the next couple of weeks.

We also have the pleasure to welcome Nizz as a player in the main roster for the RLCS, replacing our captain RahMsS who’ll be a stand-in for these tournaments.

“Welcome Nizz” image

Heads up on our social media accounts for what’s coming next, you won’t be disappointed!

League of Legends

Brand new roster, ready for Elite Series LoL Spring!

And we are back for another season!

Sector One makes its return in the Elite Series League of Legends this year with a brand new roster. Previously called Belgian League/Dutch League, earlier this season META announced the merger of the two leagues which now includes all the Benelux teams.


So yes, starting Monday 17th January, we will be competing against the greatest League of Legends teams in Benelux: KVM Esports, KRC Genk Esports, LowLandLions, Echo Zulu, Mcon Esports, ION Squad and Team 7AM.

The roster changed entirely, but we’ll keep the same spirit: #S1WIN!