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Welcome to Sector One: CS:GO

Sector One is proud to announce our new CS:GO roster: Yannick "yNc" Van Boven, Rijk "ritchiEE" Mestdagh, Robin "simix" Bynens, Nikola "niko" Tomic, and Steven "Stev0se" Rombaut Our...

Sector One’s invited to the Armateam’s Hearthstone Team League

Sector One is proud to be one of the eight teams that will be competing in the Hearthstone Team League,   a tournament organized by Armateam for a chance to win 5000 € & join the four invited teams (top 4 of the HS Ranking): ArmaTeam, Gamers Origin, Vitality & Gamingsandco.

Sector One is looking for Gwent players

Sector One is proud to announce a new title to our roster in the new and exciting addition to the realm of competitive gaming... Gwent.
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