Thrvsher’s FoM Winning Decks

Thrvshers Fom Winning Decks

In his first offline Hearthstone tournament at Frag-O-Matic Thrvsher took home a total of €700 in cash & hardware prices! These were the decks he used and some tips on how to play them.

Midrange Hunter

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In the fast paced matchups you mulligan for early drops to contest the board. In slower matchups you will need your low drops to apply pressure and/or create an awkward board state for your opponent (e.g. Freezing Trap).


Keeping Knife Juggler / Mad Scientist into Animal Companion is a very strong opener. When you have The Coin you can keep Piloted Shredder in slower matchups. Some even argue that Savannah Highmane is a keep against slower decks, but personally I think you would rather draw it while going into turn 6. Knife Juggler + Unleash the Hounds can be a dreadful combo that straight up wins you the game. Value trading over hitting face in the early game unless you’ve got an aggressive hand.


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