Top 20 Legend Beast Druid by Guukboii

Posted by Guukboii 16 May 2016 in Hearthstone

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Top 20 Legend Beast Druid by Guukboii

Hey Guys, my name is Guukboii, I’m a high legend player Hearthstone player from Belgium that regularly competes in tournaments. Besides competing I also enjoy tinkering around with decks I think could be great in the current Meta so I made a “Beast Druid” and pushed it all the way to Top 20 Legend.

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General Strategy

Against Tempo decks, such as Zoo or Shaman, you want to flood the board and just get as much pressure as you can. Make trades that have good value but don’t trade too much, just put him in a defensive position where he is forced to start trading and you can just push face to eventually finish him off with Savage Roar or Leeroy Jenkins.

Control decks are somewhat harder to play against. You basically want to pressure them too but you don’t want to overextend into board clears. Try to have 2-3 strong minions on the board to push enough face damage every turn. But the main goal is to surprise them with a Savage Roar combo. Druid of the Claw should almost never be played in taunt mode. Either charge it when you think it will survive a turn or keep it to do it in 1 turn with Savage Roar. Same goes with Druid of the Saber, if you get it later into the game. Again, make value trades but don’t trade too much because against control they’ll eventually stabilize and if you didn’t push enough damage by then you’ll probably lose.[ish_headline tag_size=”h4″]


Look for your Innervate, Living Roots, Darnassus Aspirant, Sir Finley Mrrgglton, Druid of the Saber and Power of the Wild
Whenever you have Innervate in hand you can mulligan slightly greedier, keeping a Druid of the Claw or a Mounted Raptor to Innervate out early. Make sure you have a plan when you mulligan what your turn 1, turn 2, turn 3 play is going to be.
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Card Choices

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