Top 4 EU Legend in Depth Secret Paladin Guide

Secret Paladin Guide

Hello my name is Jackker and I’ve always been a fan of the more aggressive approach towards Secret Paladin. I’ve been consistently top 50 with this deck, and hit rank 4 Legend a few days ago. I really enjoy playing this deck because it’s extremely strong right now and it’s very versatile.
In this guide I will go over the general game plan of the deck, the matchups, mulligans and card choices. If you want to see this deck live in action, give me a follow on
Also a big shoutout to Rondels who helped me write this article, give him a follow on

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General Game Plan

Secret Paladin focuses more on board control rather than just going “face”. Your 1-2 mana-cost minions (Shielded Minibot, Knife Juggler, Secretkeeper, Argent Squire,…) apply early pressure to generate a very strong early game. If you find your early game lacking, a turn 6-8 Mysterious Challenger / Dr. Boom play can just end the game.
You don’t always need the Mysterious Challenger to lock up the game. A Secret Keeper left unchecked can do ridiculous damage, or you can just win by value trading your opponent’s minions with Blessing of Kings / Coghammer. The deck is very versatile.
Keep in mind that if you are already far ahead on board, it’s no longer required to keep trading. You can just apply tons of pressure and hammer them down.

Mulligan Guide

No coin: Keep 1 mana minions (Secretkeeper, Argent Squire) and rarely / never keep secrets. Consider keeping Shielded Minibot in slower matchups (You need a 1-drop versus aggro). Keep Mysterious Challenger if you have a 1-drop otherwise mulligan it away.
Coin: Always keep Mysterious Challenger, but try to mulligan for double two drops. You can also keep 1 drop minions, because coin can always be used later on for an early Blessing of Kings / Mysterious Challenger.
Always keep Muster for Battle if you already have 1+2 drop.


  • Remember focus on board control first, face when you are ahead
  • Try to always use your full mana, don’t be saving cards for crazy “value”
  • Play your divine shielded minon / deathrattle first.
  • When AoE occurs Redemption triggers on the minion that has been played first
  • Always place your Piloted Shredder in the middle (for a possible Dire Wolf Alpha / Flametongue Totem spawn)
  • Blessing of Kings on divine shielded minions allow for some crazy trades / very resilient minions
  • Play Repentance when your opponent is about to drop something big


Patron, Oil Rogue and Face Hunt seem like the worst matchups.

Warrior: Patron (5,5/10), Control (6,5/10)
Mulligan specific: If your hand is reasonable keep divine favor, this card is very valuable in this matchup.
Patron: Lacks removal, usually runs 1 or no Shield Slam. It’s always better to make big minions than a bunch of tokens. Keep Whirlwind in mind but sometimes you can’t play around it. If you think he’s about to drop his patrons Repentance can really mess up the combo.
Control: Don’t overextend too hard into Brawl. When being already ahead just hero power, instead of throwing out another minion ready to be brawled.

Warlock: Handlock (7,5/10), Zoo (6,5/10)

Handlock: If your hand is reasonable keep Divine Favor. Trade with divine shields up if possible, try to leave them at an uncomfortable hp amount 13-15 is ideal and just finish them the next turn. Repentance can also really mess up their [Molten Giants].
Zoo: Keep board control, you can even flood your opponent with a Muster for Battle and just win the game, because they can’t deal with all the tokens. Just make sure you don’t get bursted down.

Mage: Freeze (6/10), Tempo (6/10)

Freeze: Remember cone of cold positioning (keep your strongest minions on the outer sides of the board). If you know for sure it is freeze mage, keep Divine Favor.
Tempo: Kill Flamewaker as soon as possible, and try to play around Flamestrike.

Druid (6/10)

Be mindful of Swipe and try to get in those early value trades, if you are already far ahead already just start bashing the face (keep combo in mind though).

Hunter: Midrange (6/10), Face (3,5/10)

Probably your worst matchup, if you know it is face try to not play into their Explosive Trap. This matchup is all about board control in the beginning, but at some point you need to race, because they can deal out crazy amounts of damage.

Rogue (5/10)

Rarely seen on ladder these days, don’t keep Knife Juggler. Play around Blade Flurry and if possible clear their minions, take into account [Tinker’s Sharpsword Oil]. Getting resilient minions on board is your way to win, keep Divine Shields on minions so your board remains resilient. Make the most use out your Redemption.

Shaman (7/10?)

New class? Rarely seen these days, play around Lightning Storm and get early board control.

Priest (6/10)

A lot of lists are running Lightbomb now. Don’t keep divine favor because Dragon Priest only has 1-2 cards in hand usually.

Paladin (6/10)

Always keep Secretkeeper and Muster for Battle, they are both super valuable in this match-up. Try to drop your Secretkeeper as soon as possible. Try to pop their divine shielded minions with a weapon hit / running in a token so they can’t get off a free trade with Blessing of Kings. If you are ahead, face is the place. Keep Consecration in mind.

Card Choices

  • Argent Squire (x2)
    Amazing early game minion, really great later on with Blessing of Kings.
  • Divine Favor (x2)
    Mysterious Challenger cycles a bunch of 1 cost cards. If you haven’t drawn Mysterious Challenger yet, you will likely have Divine Favor in your hand. Because you are running so many low cost cards and can just empty your hand, Divine Favor usually gets a lot of value.
  • Truesilver Champion (x1)
    The deck is running 4 weapons already, another 4-cost card would make the deck way too clunky.
  • Coghammer (x1)
    Enables a lot of value trades, this card is amazing! Another divine shield that makes blessing of kings even better.
  • Blessing of Kings (x2)
    Can swing the game around, enables value trades or just face damage, we are also running 4x divine shielded minions and a Coghammer
  • Redemption (x2)
    With all these divine shields Redemption is really good and makes the board sticky
  • Dr. Boom
    Strongest card in the game at the moment
  • Piloted Shredder
    goes great with Redemption / Best 4-drop minion in the game

Hello my name is Jackker and I’ve always been a fan of the more aggressive approach towards Secret Paladin. I’ve been consistently top 50 with this deck, and hit rank 4 Legend a few days ago. I really enjoy playing this deck because it’s extremely strong right now and it’s very versatile.

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