Top Legend Decks: March Part 2

Posted by Daydream 26 March 2018 in Hearthstone

My Greetings,

Jean-Baptiste “Daydream” Beeckmans, Coach and Manager of Sector One here, sharing with you some of the performing and creative decks being played at top legend ranks at the moment. I am sure you might like to try some of these.

Today we are going to talk about :

Big Priest Rank 1 by Asmodai (The Deck|Twitter)
Secrets Hunter Rank 3 by TheBest (The Deck|Twitter)
OTK Paladin Rank 7 by Caravaggio (The Deck|Twitter)
Control Mage Rank 9 by Meati (The Deck|Twitter)

Deck : 

Class Specific Cards
  • 0Silence1 
  • 1Pint-Size Potion2 
  • 1Potion of Madness1 
  • 2Shadow Visions2 
  • 2Shadow Word: Pain2 
  • 3Shadow Word: Death2 
  • 4Eternal Servitude2 
  • 4Greater Healing Potion2 
  • 4Shadow Word: Horror2 
  • 6Dragonfire Potion2 
  • 6Shadow Essence2 
  • 7Lesser Diamond Spellstone2 
  • 7Psychic Scream2 
  • 9Obsidian Statue2 
Neutral Cards
  • 4Barnes1 
  • 8The Lich King1 
  • 9Ysera1 
  • 10Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound1 

Deck Code : AAECAa0GBsLOArW7AoW4AqirAqUJogkM4+kC6NACtM4C5swC5cwC0cEC6r8C 6L8Ct7sCoawC1wrTCgA=

When it comes to priest, it’s still not easy to pick an archetype. A lot of pro players go for the combo version, the spiteful version is very popular in both ladder and tournament, the control version has had a lot of success too, it was for example played by Odemian in the line-up used to win HCT Toronto, and Asmodai is showing us that the 4th archetype, Big Priest, is still really strong, reaching Rank 1 Legend with this list.

General Strategy :

This deck relies on its ability to play powerful minions in a record time thanks to Barnes and Shadow Essence, but also on it’s ability to revive them, thanks to Eternal Servitude or Lesser Diamond Spellstone. In the early-game, you will want to control the damage income by using Shadow Word: Horror along with Pint-Size Potion if needed. Dragonfire Potion and Psychic Scream might buy you some time as well. Later on you want to play and resurrect a lot of big creatures.

Mulligan :

Hard-mulligan for Barnes. If you have him, keep Shadow Essence. If you think your opponent is playing an aggressive deck, keep Shadow Word: Horror.

Notable Cards :

Barnes : Will spawn a 1/1 copy of one of your strong minions. Of course Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound is the dream, but since you have spells such as Eternal Servitude and Lesser Diamond Spellstone to revive dead minions, any minion of the deck will do the job.

Obsidian Statue : Will often be a life saver. The fact it has “Taunt”,”Lifesteal” and that it kills a minion when it dies, will often turn a game around.

Deck : 

Class Specific Cards
  • 1Alleycat2 
  • 2Cat Trick2 
  • 2Crackling Razormaw2 
  • 2Freezing Trap2 
  • 2Snake Trap2 
  • 3Animal Companion2 
  • 3Cloaked Huntress2 
  • 3Eaglehorn Bow2 
  • 3Kill Command2 
  • 4Houndmaster2 
  • 6Lesser Emerald Spellstone2 
Neutral Cards
  • 1Dire Mole2 
  • 1Secretkeeper2 
  • 4Spellbreaker2 
  • 5Bittertide Hydra2 


When it comes to hunter the last months, most people including me will instantly think Barnes + Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound. TheBest is showing us other archetypes can totally make it in the top, reaching Rank 3 Legend with this version.

General Strategy :

The plan is fairly easy. We have a lot of secrets (6), and a lot of synergies with those secrets : Secretkeeper, Cloaked Huntress, Eaglehorn Bow, Lesser Emerald Spellstone. Add on top of that very powerful creatures : Houndmaster, Bittertide Hydra, and you understand easily how this deck can do wonders.

Mulligan :

There is several options here depending on which cards you get at first. The beast opening with : Dire Mole or Alleycat into Crackling Razormaw or the secrets opening with : Secretkeeper into a secret. If you got a 1-mana and a 2-mana, you might want to keep Animal Companion, Cloaked Huntress or Eaglehorn Bow.

Notable Cards :

Lesser Emerald Spellstone : Can quickly become huge when upgraded, you will summon up to 4- 3/3 wolves on the board for only 5-mana.

Bittertide Hydra : Is an insanely powerful creature for its mana cost. Be careful though as there might be situations or matchups where you want to avoid playing it, for example if you think your opponent might play a Defile judging to the board.

Deck : 

Class Specific Cards
  • 1Blessing of Wisdom1 
  • 1Righteous Protector2 
  • 4Equality2 
  • 2Potion of Heroism2 
  • 3Rallying Blade2 
  • 4Blessing of Kings1 
  • 5Call to Arms2 
  • 4Consecration2 
  • 6Spikeridged Steed2 
  • 6Sunkeeper Tarim1 
  • 7Lynessa Sunsorrow1 
  • 8Tirion Fordring1 
  • 9Uther of the Ebon Blade1 
Neutral Cards
  • 2Bloodmage Thalnos1 
  • 2Dirty Rat2 
  • 2Loot Hoarder2 
  • 2Wild Pyromancer2 
  • 3Auctionmaster Beardo1 
  • 5Burgly Bully2 

Deck Code : AAECAZ8FCOPjAo7TArnBAp29At0Krwf6Bu0FC/jSAu3SAuPLAojHAt/EAvq/ AtmuAvYH9AXcA/sBAA==

The first question you will be asked when you say you play a Paladin is : “Murloc or Dude?”. That is forgetting the OTK version that is really powerful and Thijs, and Caravaggio are proving it to us by both driving this archetype in the Top10 of the ladder.

General Strategy :

The game plan is easy to understand yet hard to master. You want to control the game with tools such as Blessing of Kings, Call to Arms, Consecration, Spikeridged Steed, and make the game last as this deck really shines late-game with tools such as Tirion Fordring or Uther of the Ebon Blade.

Mulligan :

You want to mulligan for Righteous Protector, Loot Hoarder and Rallying Blade. If you think your opponent might be playing an aggressive deck, keep Call to Arms as there is a decent chance it will place on the board one or two Dirty Rat without activating their battlecry.

Notable Cards :

Burgly Bully + Auctionmaster Beardo : Burgly Bully will give you a coin every time your opponent plays a spell. You will want to keep those coins if possible, and use them once you have your new hero power (playing Uther of the Ebon Blade) to end the game instantly.

Deck : 

Class Specific Cards
  • 1Arcane Artificer2 
  • 2Arcanologist2 
  • 2Medivh's Valet2 
  • 2Raven Familiar2 
  • 3Ice Block2 
  • 4Polymorph2 
  • 5Cabalist's Tome1 
  • 5Dragon's Fury2 
  • 6Blizzard2 
  • 6Meteor2 
  • 7Flamestrike1 
  • 9Dragoncaller Alanna1 
  • 9Frost Lich Jaina1 
Neutral Cards
  • 2Doomsayer2 
  • 3Tar Creeper2 
  • 5Arcane Tyrant2 
  • 6Skulking Geist1 
  • 7Baron Geddon1 


Control mage, also called “Big Spell Mage” is still there, even though you will face it a lot less often that the Secret archetype. Meati is showing us how powerful the deck can be when played optimally by reaching Rank 9 Legend with it.

General Strategy :

Using multiple board clears and other tools such as Doomsayer, the plan here will be to control the damage income, until the late game, where massive cards such as Frost Lich Jaina or Dragoncaller Alanna will shine.

Mulligan :

Always keep Arcanologist and Raven Familiar. If you suspect your opponent to be “Aggro”, keep Dragon's Fury. If you suspect your opponent to be “Control”, keep Frost Lich Jaina.

Notable Cards :

Doomsayer: Even if your opponent can deal with it, it will either cost  him a spell to do it, or it will absorb 7+ damage and gain you some time.

Baron Geddon : Will apply constant AOE until dead which might be great against some decks but can also help you getting more advantageous targets for your new hero power once you played Frost Lich Jaina.[ish_separator]Now it’s time to try some of these and try to climb the ladder. I hope you enjoyed this edition of  Sector One Top Legend Decks.
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