Rank 1 Legend Decks (October 2016)

Posted by Rondels 11 October 2016 in Hearthstone

Even after the recent nerfs for Shaman, the class remains extremely strong. However the nerfs to Tuskarr Totemic and Rockbiter Weapon made Shaman cut Doomhammer and burst damage and shift to a more board centric version, allowing some – formerly stomped by aggro Shaman – decks to crawl back from the Shadows and into the light.

These are this month’s featured decks:

Every decklist is also accompanied by additional info on how to play the deck, how to mulligan and a few pointers. In order for you to pick up the deck and start playing right away.

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Hearthstone Paladin

Murloc Paladin has been seeing a lot more play on both ladder and in the tournament scene. It was first seen as a more “fun, gimmicky deck” but is now now regarded as a competitive archetype for Paladin. Although the matchup versus Mid-Range Shaman isn’t the best, there are still plenty of Warriors to prey on. ShtanUdachi revamped the deck cutting out Aldor Peacekeeper and one Ivory Knight for more The Curator synergy. Shtan  continues to amaze with his ladder performance, getting #1 Legend on EU with this often regarded Tier 2-3 rated deck.


Class Specific Cards
  • 0Forbidden Healing1 
  • 4Equality2 
  • 4Consecration2 
  • 4Truesilver Champion2 
  • 5Solemn Vigil2 
  • 6Ivory Knight1 
  • 8Ragnaros, Lightlord1 
  • 8Tirion Fordring1 
  • 10Anyfin Can Happen2 
Neutral Cards
  • 2Bluegill Warrior2 
  • 2Doomsayer2 
  • 2Loot Hoarder2 
  • 2Wild Pyromancer2 
  • 3Acolyte of Pain1 
  • 3Murloc Warleader2 
  • 4Barnes1 
  • 5Azure Drake1 
  • 5Stampeding Kodo1 
  • 6Emperor Thaurissan1 
  • 7The Curator1 
General Strategy

Murloc Paladin – two words that sound very odd when put together – is a deck built around the 10-mana Paladin card: Anyfin Can Happen. The deck is combo oriented and can easily deal 30 or more damage. The deck tries to stall out the game with numerous healing cards and board wipes (Wild Pyromancer + Equality; Doomsayer), until you respawn all your murlocs in one turn and go for the OTK. Keep in mind that Anyfin Can Happen is your main win condition, but it is not the only way you can win the game. If you just curve out nicely you can win the game just like a standard Midrange Paladin does.


Mulligan like a standard midrange paladin, mulligan for your early drops: Doomsayer, Bluegill Warrior, Murloc Warleader, Truesilver Champion, Barnes.

You should also keep Equality.

Notable Cards

Combos & Tips

Hearthstone Hunter

Face is still the place!

With recent nerfs to Call of the Wild many players were seeking new ways to build Hunter. When Xzirez & C4mlann, two high profile players put their minds together a new Face Hunter list was born, and SMOrc’ed their way with it to #2 Legend.

The list makes use of the Secret Synergy and the damage output from Hunter to overwhelm your opponent from the getgo. Double Explosive Trap helps a ton versus all the Shaman on ladder.


Class Specific Cards
  • 1Fiery Bat1 
  • 2Hunter's Mark1 
  • 1Tracking2 
  • 2Explosive Trap2 
  • 2Freezing Trap2 
  • 2Kindly Grandmother2 
  • 2Quick Shot2 
  • 2Snake Trap1 
  • 3Cloaked Huntress2 
  • 3Eaglehorn Bow2 
  • 3Kill Command2 
  • 3Unleash the Hounds2 
  • 2Cat Trick2 
Neutral Cards
  • 1Argent Squire2 
  • 1Secretkeeper2 
  • 3Argent Horserider2 
  • 5Leeroy Jenkins1 
General Strategy

Although the name “Face Hunter” might imply a very straightforward strategy, it is slightly more complicated.

You will want to play aggressively from turn 1, racing your opponent. However you cannot afford a Tunnel Trogg or Mana Wyrm to reign down hell on you. So in the early game you want to play with emphasis on board control, especially when facing other aggressive decks.

When transitioning into the mid-game, you will continue to apply pressure with your minions and Eaglehorn Bow. Make sure you are maxing out face damage, squeezing in a Hero Power every now and then.

Once your opponent is low enough, you can finish him off with your burn spells Kill Command, Quick Shot, etc.


Mulligan for your 1 drops, and other early game minions: Argent Squire, Fiery Bat, Secretkeeper.

Once you have a 1-drop, you can keep your 2 or your  3 – drop, if you are on The Coin.

Always keep Cloaked Huntress as it can snowball the game.

Cat Trick is also often kept when your opponent has The Coin.

Notable Cards

Combos & Tips

  • Make sure you are trading at least a bit in the Early Game. Or use spells / weapon charge as removal so your minions are able to continously go face in the later stage of the game.
  • Max your damage every turn, especially when entering the mid game, try to weave in that Steady Shot every turn.

Hearthstone Warlock

Rosty, who took 2nd place at the Spring Championship in 2016, once again made it to rank 1 Legend with his Control Yogg Warrior. Despite the recent nerfs to Yogg-Saron, Hope's End the card is still rife with potential.


Class Specific Cards
  • 1Blood To Ichor1 
  • 1Shield Slam2 
  • 2Execute2 
  • 3Fiery War Axe2 
  • 2Revenge2 
  • 2Slam2 
  • 3Bash2 
  • 3Ravaging Ghoul2 
  • 3Shield Block2 
  • 5Brawl2 
  • 5Ironforge Portal2 
  • 7Gorehowl1 
  • 8Grommash Hellscream1 
Neutral Cards
  • 3Acolyte of Pain1 
  • 4Elise Starseeker1 
  • 5Harrison Jones1 
  • 6Justicar Trueheart1 
  • 6Sylvanas Windrunner1 
  • 7Baron Geddon1 
  • 10Yogg-Saron, Hope's End1 
General Strategy

Control warrior has a few ways to win: through fatigue, a Grommash Hellscream finisher, board control or getting out of reach by gaining ridiculous amounts of health.

Although Yogg Control Warrior has a similar playstyle to Control Warrior,  The addition of Yogg-Saron, Hope's End gives you a potential extra comeback mechanic either through board clear or draw. The deck also runs Elise Starseeker transforming the less valuable Revenge or Slam spells into (potentially) valuable minions in Control Mirrors. This deck shines versus aggro due to being filled with removal spells such as Revenge and Bash.


Mulligan for strong early game tools like Fiery War Axe, Acolyte of Pain, Slam,Bash and keep Revenge / Ravaging Ghoul versus decks that flood the board.

Notable Cards

Combos & Tips

Hearthstone Mage

Laughing has been playing Freeze Mage for about as long as Hearthstone exists, he climbed to legend as soon as the nerfs went live with a 74% winrate. The recent changes to Rockbiter Weapon made Shaman deviate from running Doomhammer, making the matchup a lot more favorable versus Freeze Mage, seeing Shaman is a lot more board centric now. The addition of Evolved Kobold is something new we are seeing pop up in a lot of Freeze Mage lists.


Class Specific Cards
  • 1Ice Lance2 
  • 2Frostbolt2 
  • 3Arcane Intellect2 
  • 3Forgotten Torch2 
  • 3Frost Nova2 
  • 3Ice Barrier1 
  • 3Ice Block2 
  • 4Fireball2 
  • 6Blizzard2 
  • 7Flamestrike1 
Neutral Cards
  • 2Bloodmage Thalnos1 
  • 2Doomsayer2 
  • 2Loot Hoarder2 
  • 2Novice Engineer2 
  • 3Acolyte of Pain2 
  • 4Evolved Kobold1 
  • 6Emperor Thaurissan1 
  • 9Alexstrasza1 
General Strategy

The version featured here is the Forgotten Torch Freeze Mage that stalls the game out with the use of freeze spells, while cycling as many cards as possible. It is a lot faster than the Archmage Antonidas variant. Your strategy mainly depends on your hand, but if you have the ability to stall for a long time you can do so, but don’t forget to keep track of the damage you have in your hand. The addition of Forgotten Torch also helps you to combat aggro decks, because you are not wasting burn on their minions, you are just putting another Fireball in your deck.


Look for: Loot Hoarder, Novice Engineer and Acolyte of Pain.

When facing Aggro:
You want something to deal with their early game.
Hold on to a defensive card like Frostbolt or Doomsayer.
Then ideally 2 draw minions such as Loot Hoarder or Novice Engineer.

When facing Mid Range:
Keep Loot Hoarder, Novice Engineer, Arcane Intellect and Acolyte of Pain. Draw early so you can optimize later plays.

When facing Control:
Keep draw minions/cards like Loot Hoarder, Novice Engineer, Arcane Intellect and Acolyte of Pain.
You can even keep Emperor Thaurissan with a good hand.

Notable Cards

Combos & Tips

Hearthstone Druid

Fenomeno is a Greek High-Legend player, that revamped the traditional Malygos Druid, by adding in Jungle Moonkin and The Curator. Meaning the deck has the potential to burst a bit faster or clean up board easier with the Jungle Moonkin spellpower.


Class Specific Cards
  • 0Innervate2 
  • 0Moonfire2 
  • 1Living Roots2 
  • 1Raven Idol2 
  • 3Wild Growth2 
  • 2Wrath2 
  • 3Feral Rage1 
  • 3Mulch1 
  • 4Fandral Staghelm1 
  • 4Jungle Moonkin1 
  • 4Mire Keeper1 
  • 4Swipe2 
  • 6Nourish2 
Neutral Cards
  • 5Azure Drake2 
  • 5Harrison Jones1 
  • 6Emperor Thaurissan1 
  • 7The Curator1 
  • 9Malygos1 
  • 10Yogg-Saron, Hope's End1 
  • 12Arcane Giant2 
General Strategy

This deck has multiple win conditions, either through: cheating the mana curve with Wild Growth & Innervate thus simply out curving your opponent, using Malygos to finish your opponent off in combination with spells such as: Living Roots / Moonfire or taking over board with spells as your removal and playing Arcane Giant and other minions cheaply.

If that all fails… it’s time to praise Yogg-Saron, Hope's End.

Aim to stall in the early game using your spells as removal Wrath, Living Roots. If possible try developing a board, usually you will be reliant on your late game power.

Jungle Moonkin is a new addition to this deck that might help to either Kill your opponent faster or simply finish off your opponent, do not play this as a Tempo Minion, because it benefits both you and your opponent.


Always look for your ramp cards: Wild Growth & Innervate.

Keep Raven Idol if you are not on The Coin (allows you to pick up a play for turn 2: Wild Growth / Innervate or Wrath)

Versus Aggro: Living Roots, Wrath, Feral Rage

Versus Control: Mire Keeper

If you already have a Wild Growth or Innervate it’s okay to keep a higher costing minion such as Mire Keeper or Fandral Staghelm to play after your ramp turn.

Notable Cards

Combos & Tips

  • Use Yogg-Saron, Hope's End when you are behind / drawing dead, otherwise you might end up wiping your entire board.
  • Count the amount of spells you are going to play before you are dropping down Arcane Giant that can be played for free