Top Legend Karazhan Decks – November 2016 Part 1

Posted by Guukboii 16 November 2016 in Hearthstone

HeyGuys, It’s Guukboii and Arneej here once again with a new Top Legend Karazhan Decks. We are pleased to announce the comeback of R0ndels to the writing team, as he’ll be returning for the following edition of our “Top Legend Decks”.

As for this weeks post, we’re featuring 2 Aggro decks from Semp0k, Swidz’s Malygos Rogue, Bunnyhoppor’s Dragon Priest and our very own Guukboii’s Tempo Mage.

Every decklist is also accompanied by additional info on how to play the deck, how to mulligan and a few pointers. In order for you to pick up the deck and start playing right away.

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Class Specific Cards
  • 0Backstab2 
  • 0Preparation2 
  • 1Sinister Strike2 
  • 1Swashburglar1 
  • 2Eviscerate2 
  • 2Sap1 
  • 2Shiv2 
  • 3Edwin VanCleef1 
  • 3Fan of Knives2 
  • 3Shadow Strike2 
  • 3SI:7 Agent2 
  • 4Tomb Pillager2 
Neutral Cards
  • 2Bloodmage Thalnos1 
  • 4Barnes1 
  • 4Evolved Kobold1 
  • 5Azure Drake2 
  • 6Emperor Thaurissan1 
  • 6Gadgetzan Auctioneer2 
  • 9Malygos1 
General Strategy

Rogue’s strategy revolves around getting early board control with cards like Backstab and SI:7 Agent, making huge tempo plays with Preparation, Eviscerate and Sap and utilising Gadgetzan Auctioneer to refill their hand.

Note that Swidz, like Chessdude in our last article, is playing the Malygos version, so instead of (ab)using Cold Blood and Conceal to burst your opponent down with minions and Leeroy, this list tries to One-Turn-Kill with Damage-Dealing Spells in combination with Malygos. If you get an Emperor Thaurissan proc on the whole combo you can easily deal 30+ damage in one turn. Malygos + Sinister Strike (8) x2 + Eviscerate (9) x2 = 34 damage


Always keep Swashburglar, SI:7 Agent and Tomb Pillager.
If you’re on the The Coin and/or you have a Preparation in hand consider keeping Edwin VanCleef.

Against aggressive decks, also keep Backstab, Preparation, Eviscerate.
Against control decks, keeping Barnes and Azure Drake, Gadgetzan Auctioneer is fine as well when you already have a Tomb Pillager and/or you’re on The Coin.

Notable Cards

  • Evolved Kobold: this “flavor card” started seeing play in Freeze Mage, but has made its way to Rogue decks as well. It’s mainly strong against Shaman with Fan of Knives, because since the Blade Flurry nerf; Rogue hasn’t been able to deal with big boards consistently.
    This ‘combo’ makes sure it can deal with a big shaman board with a lot of 3 health minions.
  • Barnes: The deck contains multiple good pulls for Barnes.
    Getting spellpower minions (Azure Drake, Malygos, Evolved Kobold!) or Gadgetzan Auctioneer are insane, not to mention an Emperor Thaurissan on turn 4 means that you can probably start an Auctioneer-Cycling-Madness a turn early

Priest has been in a bad spot ever since the disappearance of Lightbomb and Deathlord, in short, since Standard came out. But Bunnyhoppor managed to reach legend with it AND was also able to push the deck to #7 legend on EU! Bunnyhoppor is known from the HCT EU Winter Championship and has also recently qualified for WESG.


Class Specific Cards
  • 1Northshire Cleric2 
  • 1Power Word: Shield2 
  • 1Twilight Whelp2 
  • 2Shadow Word: Pain2 
  • 2Wyrmrest Agent2 
  • 3Shadow Word: Death2 
  • 4Priest of the Feast1 
  • 5Holy Nova2 
  • 6Entomb2 
Neutral Cards
  • 2Netherspite Historian2 
  • 3Blackwing Technician1 
  • 3Brann Bronzebeard1 
  • 4Twilight Guardian2 
  • 5Azure Drake2 
  • 5Blackwing Corruptor2 
  • 6Book Wyrm2 
  • 8Ragnaros the Firelord1 
General Strategy

Dragon Priest, like most decks nowadays, wants to curve out as well as possible with strong early game minions. [Twilight Welp] is arguably the strong one-drop in the game and it’s also a dragon that can serve as an activator.

Wyrmrest Agent is also very strong, almost as strong as a Totem Golem without the overload and it has taunt as a bonus! The only drawback on both of these cards is that it needs dragonsenergy to work, but most of the time that shouldn’t be a problem because the deck runs a lot of them.

In the midgame we have Twilight Guardian and Blackwing Corruptor which are also extremely good cards for their mana cost. And when things go south you can always clear the board with Holy Nova (possibly in combination with Azure Drake) and start over again. The reason why Bunnyhoppor has had so much success with Priest is because the ladder is filled with Shamans and Priest has a very decent winrate against midrange Shamans, compared to most other decks.

Additionally, a well timed Book Wyrm on a Thunder Bluff Valiant can have some insane value.


Always keep Twilight Guardian, Twilight Whelp, and Wyrmrest Agent.

Against classes that don’t deal 3 damage easily or have a strong 3 attack minion early, keep Northshire Cleric. Although it’s not always correct to play it on Turn 1 even though you are able to. Sometimes it’s smarter to keep it in hand until you can actually heal a minion and draw a card from it.

Against Freeze mage, Ragnaros the Firelord is your win condition, so keep it.

Notable Cards

  • Ragnaros the Firelord: Good card in the current meta, clears minions and puts pressure on your opponent. Also a finisher, which is something Priest seriously lacks at the moment.
  • Netherspite Historian: Very good card in control dragon decks, you can pick a Dragon according to your needs in your matchup. Since you can only play the card (to its full value) when you already have a dragon in hand, most of the time you’ll have an activator for the rest of the game. Versus aggro you could get a Chillmaw to clear board, or any low cost dragon, while against control you could get a high-cost dragon like Ysera or Nefarian.

Sector One player Guukboii reached rank 5 legend using the Tempo Mage list that his former teammate Mitsuhide created at the beginning of the season. Guukboii is known for his win in the Insomnia58 Redemption Cup and his Top 16 finishes at Dreamhack and Viagame HouseCup.


Class Specific Cards
  • 1Arcane Blast2 
  • 1Arcane Missiles2 
  • 1Babbling Book2 
  • 2Mana Wyrm2 
  • 2Cult Sorcerer2 
  • 2Frostbolt2 
  • 2Sorcerer's Apprentice2 
  • 3Arcane Intellect2 
  • 3Flamewaker2 
  • 3Forgotten Torch2 
  • 4Fireball2 
  • 7Firelands Portal2 
Neutral Cards
  • 2Bloodmage Thalnos1 
  • 2Loot Hoarder2 
  • 5Azure Drake2 
  • 8Ragnaros the Firelord1 
General Strategy

As Tempo Mage you want to control the board early with spells like Arcane Blast and Frostbolt, preferably in combination with a Mana Wyrm or Sorcerer's Apprentice.

In the midgame you seize the board completely with huge Flamewaker combo’s and finish off your opponent with Fireball, [Roaring Torch]es and Firelands Portal or Ragnaros the Firelord.

You’ll almost never run out of Damage-dealing Spells and the Loot Hoarders and Azure Drakes make sure you don’t run out of steam.


Mana Wyrm, Arcane Blast, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Frostbolt.
Flamewaker on coin only.

Notable Cards

  • Loot Hoarder: This card is chosen over Acolyte of Pain because it fits the curve better and most of the time you don’t want to use your turn spending 5 mana to draw an extra card of it. (Pinging the Acolyte).
  • Forgotten Torch: Basically 9 damage for 6 mana, yes you do need an extra draw but this deck should have enough of that and it makes sure you can usually burst your opponent down before Turn 10.
  • Ragnaros the Firelord: Very strong midgame minion that asks for an immediate answer. Can without a doubt be played on an empty board to deal 8 damage face and possibly finish your opponent off the following turn in combination with other ‘burn’ spells.

Before Semp0k reached #1 Legend with his Aggro Shaman (which is featured in this article as well) he climbed to Legend with Druid, and was able to peek at #3 Legend with it. Going 72-30 in total.

Due to him writing a guide of his own I will just give a general idea what the deck is about. Be sure to visit his guide if you want to read the whole thing :


Class Specific Cards
  • 0Innervate2 
  • 1Enchanted Raven2 
  • 1Living Roots2 
  • 2Druid of the Saber2 
  • 2Mark of Y'Shaarj2 
  • 2Power of the Wild2 
  • 3Mounted Raptor2 
  • 3Savage Roar2 
  • 4Savage Combatant2 
  • 4Swipe2 
  • 5Druid of the Claw2 
Neutral Cards
  • 1Sir Finley Mrrgglton1 
  • 2Dire Wolf Alpha1 
  • 2Huge Toad2 
  • 3Argent Horserider2 
  • 3King Mukla1 
  • 5Leeroy Jenkins1 
General Strategy

Make early tempo plays with Innervate.

Make necessary trades but push as much face damage as possible.

Finish them off with Savage Roar and/or Leeroy Jenkins


Always keep Innervate, Enchanted Raven, Living Roots and Druid of the Saber as the other cards are highly depend on the curve.

If you already have Innervate you can consider keeping a Mounted Raptor.

Card Choices

As quoted from Semp0k’s article

King Mukla: The undisputed MVP of the deck. This card is the strongest card in any Beast Druid list by far, period. Anyone who disagrees simply does not understand what Beast Druid is trying to accomplish. The insane amount of tempo that this card personifies is insane.

Leeroy Jenkins: The mark of any Aggro deck worth its salt, Leeroy of course makes an appearance. Primarily used as a finisher, this card is simply too good to not include. It also makes for a reasonable replacement for the old FoN+Savage Roar combo by dealing 10 damage when combined with Roar. That’s 1/3rd of your opponent’s health total.

Sir Finley Mrrgglton: Simply put, the Druid hero power isn’t Aggro enough. This deck is extremely explosive and often milking value from your hero power comes into play. The order of preference for hero powers is:

  1. Life Tap
  2. Steady Shot
  3. Fireblast
  4. Dagger Mastery

Semp0k also wrote an In-Depth Article on this deck, which you can check out here:

Do keep in mind that the summary in our own article is written from my own experience.


Class Specific Cards
  • 1Lightning Bolt2 
  • 2Spirit Claws2 
  • 1Tunnel Trogg2 
  • 3Flametongue Totem2 
  • 2Maelstrom Portal2 
  • 2Rockbiter Weapon2 
  • 2Totem Golem2 
  • 3Feral Spirit2 
  • 3Lava Burst2 
  • 4Flamewreathed Faceless2 
  • 5Doomhammer2 
  • 6Thing from Below2 
Neutral Cards
  • 1Argent Squire2 
  • 2Bloodmage Thalnos1 
  • 3Argent Horserider1 
  • 5Azure Drake2 
General Strategy

Shaman easily takes board control early with cards like Spirit Claws, Totem Golem and Tunnel Trogg.

Aggro Shaman uses this early board control to push as much damage as possible with minions, while still making efficient trades with Flametongue Totem.

With cards like Doomhammer (16 damage over 4 turns!) in combination with Rockbiter Weapon and/or Lava Burst you also have an insane amount of reach to burst your opponent down.


Always keep Argent Squire, Tunnel Trogg, Totem Golem and Spirit Claws.

Don’t keep Spirit Claws in matchups where you’re not gonna hit minions in the first few turns.

If you play against classes where board control won’t matter a lot (like Freeze Mage, Control Warrior), keep Doomhammer.

Notable Cards

  • Rockbiter Weapon: While this card has been cut in Standard Midrange Shaman because of the mana nerf, it’s still a potential 6 damage with Doomhammer.
  • Azure Drake: This card wasn’t played in the old pre-nerf Aggro Shaman because it isn’t enough tempo on board but Spellpower minions are very good in any Shaman that runs Spirit Claws. The extra draw can also help you find that last bit of damage you need to kill your opponent.