Top Legend Karazhan Decks – October 2016 Part 2

Posted by Arneej 27 October 2016 in Hearthstone

Nearing the end of October 2016 we were able to notice that a few things were slightly changing up in the meta, with some variations on already existing decks and fatigue Warrior turning it’s head again, it seems that new uses for the added Karazhan cards are still being tested and fine tuned. Alongside these variations and changes in the meta, we would also like to announce that our usual writer/editor of the Top Legend articles ‘Rondels’ is temporarily stepping down and henceforth Kobe “Guukboii” Van Schepdael and Arne “Arneej” Huysegoms will be keeping you informed about the ins and outs within the Top Legend Hearthstone scene.

Hearthstone Druid

Every decklist is also accompanied by additional info on how to play the deck, how to mulligan and a few pointers. In order for you to pick up the deck and start playing right away.

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Xixo is no unknown player to the competitive scene, so there’s no surprise here. Having a recent WESG victory, he now also reached #1 legend in Europe with his Baron Geddon Druid list. Many people believed that after the Force of Nature nerf months back that Druid would become a bad class but due to having access to extremely strong cards like Innervate and Wild Growth druid still remains extremely strong. When Druid draws the nuts, there is no deck that can beat this powerhouse.


Class Specific Cards
  • 0Innervate2 
  • 0Moonfire2 
  • 1Living Roots2 
  • 1Raven Idol2 
  • 3Wild Growth2 
  • 2Wrath2 
  • 3Feral Rage2 
  • 4Fandral Staghelm1 
  • 4Mire Keeper2 
  • 4Swipe2 
  • 6Nourish2 
Neutral Cards
  • 5Azure Drake2 
  • 5Harrison Jones1 
  • 6Emperor Thaurissan1 
  • 7Baron Geddon1 
  • 8Ragnaros the Firelord1 
  • 9Malygos1 
  • 12Arcane Giant2 
General Strategy

Druid has multiple win conditions, either by cheating the mana curve with Wild Growth, Innervate or Nourish and dropping huge minions on early turns or bursting your opponent with your cheap damage-dealing spells, like Moonfire and Living Roots, together with Malygos.


Always keep Wild Growth and Innervate.
If you’re really dependent on ramping in your matchup, you should keep Raven Idol, as it increases your odds to retrieve Wild Growth and Innervate.
Against aggressive decks, keep Living Roots.
Against control decks, keep Mire Keeper.

If you already have Wild Growth or Innervate, you could keep a higher costing minion such as Mire Keeper or Fandral Staghelm.

Notable Cards

  • Harrison Jones: Almost all of the classes that are active on ladder are weapon classes. Harrison Jones is a very solid card to run at the moment. Because the most popular classes on ladder at the moment are Shaman and Warrior, classes that heavily rely on using the weapons Spirit Claws and Fiery War Axe.
  • Baron Geddon: Solid card against midrange Shamans that try to flood the board with totems.
  • Ragnaros the Firelord: Replacement for Yogg-Saron, after the nerfs. It’s a very strong midgame threat that can easily remove a big minion. Not many decks have answers against this big guy, especially with most druids cutting Mulch.

Hearthstone Rogue

Chessdude, known from NA HCT and ladder finishes, reached #1 legend on the NA server playing Malygos Miracle Rogue.

We’ve seen a lot of different Rogue Archetypes over time, with lots of people playing Questing Adventurer. But this time Chessdude took it to another level and played a Malygos version instead. High-Damage dealing spells with a low cost like Sinister Strike and Eviscerate together with Malygos can make an opponent’s health disappear in a matter of seconds. Barnes makes this deck even stronger due to a certain chance that you pull an Emperor Thaurissan or an early Gadgetzan Auctioneer which enhance your snowballing potential.


Class Specific Cards
  • 0Backstab2 
  • 0Preparation2 
  • 1Sinister Strike2 
  • 1Swashburglar2 
  • 2Eviscerate2 
  • 2Sap1 
  • 2Shiv2 
  • 3Edwin VanCleef1 
  • 3Fan of Knives2 
  • 3Shadow Strike2 
  • 3SI:7 Agent2 
  • 4Tomb Pillager2 
Neutral Cards
  • 2Bloodmage Thalnos1 
  • 4Barnes1 
  • 5Azure Drake2 
  • 6Emperor Thaurissan1 
  • 6Gadgetzan Auctioneer2 
  • 9Malygos1 
General Strategy

Rogue’s strategy revolves around making huge tempo-plays with cards like Backstab, Preparation, Eviscerate and Sap and getting a lot of draws off of Gadgetzan Auctioneer.
Note that Chessdude is playing the Malygos version, so the list tries to burst the opponent down with spells instead of Cold Blood and Conceal’s (used by the traditional Miracle Rogue).


Always keep Swashburglar, SI:7 Agent and Tomb Pillager.
If you’re on the The Coin and/or you have a Preparation in hand keep Edwin VanCleef.

Against aggressive decks, also keep Backstab, Preparation, Eviscerate.

Against control decks, keeping Barnes and Azure Drake, Gadgetzan Auctioneer is fine as well when you already have a Tomb Pillager and/or you’re on the The Coin.

Hearthstone Warlock

Purple was also playing with +1 Ironforge Portal -1 Elise Starseeker

Purple is a Canadian player, known for winning Dreamhack Winter 2015, reached #3 legend with his Fatigue Warrior. His Warrior list was extraordinary since it was running Violet Illusionist, Fool's Bane and Coldlight Oracle. Personally my favourite deck out of this list. The idea behind it is just fantastic, win a game by using a certain mechanic of the game instead of using the board. How good can it possibly feel to have an opponent take 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 fatigue damage in a row by playing Brann Bronzebeard + Double Coldlight Oracle with Violet Illusionist while you don’t take any damage at all. You just sit back and enjoy. Being 30 minutes in a game, waiting to pull this is off, is totally worth it.


Class Specific Cards
  • 1Shield Slam2 
  • 2Execute2 
  • 3Fiery War Axe2 
  • 2Revenge2 
  • 2Slam2 
  • 3Bash2 
  • 3Ravaging Ghoul2 
  • 3Shield Block2 
  • 5Brawl2 
  • 5Fool's Bane2 
  • 5Ironforge Portal1 
  • 7Gorehowl1 
Neutral Cards
  • 3Brann Bronzebeard1 
  • 3Coldlight Oracle2 
  • 3Violet Illusionist2 
  • 4Elise Starseeker1 
  • 6Emperor Thaurissan1 
  • 6Justicar Trueheart1 
General Strategy

Fatigue Warrior is usually self-explanatory, but this list is special since it also has the possibility to mill your opponent’s cards with Coldlight Oracle. If your opponent hits fatigue, it’s very easy to deal a lot of damage with fatigue, while being immune to fatigue yourself due to Violet Illusionist. Against control decks it’s almost impossible to lose if you get Thaurissan off on some combo pieces. Brann Bronzebeard + Violet Illusionist with double Coldlight Oracle let’s your opponent draw 8 cards when he’s already in fatigue, which will result in taking A LOT of damage.


The mulligan phase is no different from Control Warrior.

Always keep Fiery War Axe, Slam, Bash, Ravaging Ghoul.

Against control decks, keep Justicar Trueheart.

Hearthstone Mage

APXVOID was part of the 10 players who gained most HCT points in NA, being 2 points off to make it for the Last Call tournament for Blizzcon and finished #1 legend in the NA August season.


Class Specific Cards
  • 1Arcane Blast2 
  • 1Arcane Missiles2 
  • 1Babbling Book1 
  • 2Mana Wyrm2 
  • 2Cult Sorcerer2 
  • 2Frostbolt2 
  • 2Sorcerer's Apprentice2 
  • 3Arcane Intellect2 
  • 3Flamewaker2 
  • 3Forgotten Torch2 
  • 4Fireball2 
  • 7Firelands Portal1 
Neutral Cards
  • 2Bloodmage Thalnos1 
  • 2Loot Hoarder2 
  • 3Acolyte of Pain1 
  • 4Barnes1 
  • 5Azure Drake2 
  • 5Leeroy Jenkins1 
General Strategy

Control the board early with cards like Frostbolt and Arcane Blast together with Mana Wyrm, Sorcerer's Apprentice and Cult Sorcerer and push as much damage as possible. Try not to run out of steam with Arcane Intellect and Azure Drake. Finish them of with crazy Flamewaker turns and/or Fireballs and Leeroy Jenkins.


Keep Mana Wyrm, Frostbolt and Arcane Blast. If you have one of those already, keep Sorcerer's Apprentice and Cult Sorcerer as well.Against control: Keep Barnes and Azure Drake.

Hearthstone Shaman

Rosty took 2nd place at the Spring Championship in 2016; therefore barely missing Blizzcon. Featured for the second time this month, this time with Midrange Shaman.

Midrange Shaman is still easily at the top of the ladder foodchain. The only counter to the deck, according to Vicious Syndicate Data Report #23, is Freeze Mage, which is rarely played these days. Rosty decided to change the deck up a bit compared to what we normally see. He cut a Lightning Storm, Mana Tide Totems and Harrison Jones for Argent Horseriders, Flamewreathed Faceless’s and Acidic Swamp Ooze.


Class Specific Cards
  • 1Lightning Bolt2 
  • 2Spirit Claws2 
  • 1Tunnel Trogg2 
  • 3Flametongue Totem2 
  • 2Maelstrom Portal2 
  • 2Totem Golem2 
  • 3Feral Spirit2 
  • 4Hex2 
  • 3Lightning Storm1 
  • 4Flamewreathed Faceless2 
  • 5Bloodlust1 
  • 5Thunder Bluff Valiant2 
  • 6Thing from Below2 
Neutral Cards
  • 2Acidic Swamp Ooze1 
  • 2Bloodmage Thalnos1 
  • 3Argent Horserider2 
  • 5Azure Drake2 
General Strategy

Use strong minions like Tunnel Trogg and Totem Golem early to give your opponent instantly a hard time. Spells like Hex, Maelstrom Portal and Lightning Storm will make sure you never fall behind too much. And if your opponent hasn’t conceded to the pressure of the mighty 4 mana 7/7’s he surely will after your totems will become extremely buff after Thunder Bluff Valiant hits the board.


Spirit Claws, Tunnel Trogg and Totem Golem. Keep Acidic Swamp Ooze against weapon classes, especially Warrior and other Shamans. Keep Feral Spirit with the coin.