Top Legend Standard Decks S1P2 - The Old Gods Are Taking Over

Top Legend Standard Decks: S1P2 – The Old Gods are taking over

Standard has been very enjoyable so far, tons of new decks have been created and it’s clear that certain decks are tier 1 in the current metagame. Meanwhile many deck archetypes remain untested and unrefined, this sprouted interesting results over the last two weeks. Several players hit top legend rankings using completely new or reworked decklists.

Top Legend Standard Decks S1P2 - Control Cthun Warrior - Asmodai 1
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S1 - Part 2 Control C'thun Warrior

Asmodai who goes by the ingamename “Cosplaygrill” is a known player in the Hearthstone scene, he plays a variety of decks at high legend but tends to favor control warrior, tempo mage and rogue. He made his homebrew C'Thun Warrior list and hit #1 Legend with it.

Asmo streams a lot and is a very entertaining guy to watch with some solid high legend plays check him out at

General Strategy

C'Thun Control Warrior has a very similar style to regular Control Warrior and has a few ways to win: Through fatigue, board control or finishing of your opponent with the C'Thun burst. In the early game you want to use your removal to survive. Once you start entering the mid-game you can start developing strong tempo minions and removing your opponent’s threats with Shield Slam or Execute if necessary. The late game is where you want to be taking over the game with powerful minions such as Twin Emperor Vek'lor ,Ancient Shieldbearer and Justicar Trueheart allowing you to tank up every turn. C'Thun may be a finisher every now and then, especially with Doomcaller shuffling C'Thun back into your deck.


Look for your early game cards Fiery War Axe is key.
Beckoner of Evil, Disciple of C'Thun, Acolyte of Pain, Ravaging Ghoul are also worth it to keep.
Usually Harrison Jones is a keep when facing weapon classes, can be a great keep versus shaman as well if you have some early removal.


Your deck is based around C'Thun using him as removal or to close out the game. You want to make sure you get solid value when playing this card.

Notable Cards & Tech Choice

Asmo has been swapping the second Beckoner of Evil for Emperor Thaurissan and has been very pleased with the results.  “He was talking on stream yesterday about how clutch Emperor was in this list (I saw him utilize Brann+Doomcaller in a Warrior mirror match that had gone to fatigue to put TWO C’Thuns in his deck; only possible with Emperor!” – topscreck

Top Legend Standard Decks S1P2 - Tempo Mage - Irronman 1
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S1 - Part 2 Tempo Mage

Irronman is a frequently high ranked legend player known in the community for making other high ranked legend decks like Token Druid and Pirate Rogue. He’s also the founder of a hearthstone content site called theirronsmith.

General Strategy

The early-game turns are of extreme importance to this deck. You have plenty of synergy between your early game cards to provide you with a lead in the first few turns. The deck relies on utilizing spell synergy to take over the board early with Mana Wyrm, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Arcane Missiles, and Flamewaker making it extremely hard for your opponent to recover.

Azure Drake and late game bombs such as Archmage Antonidas help you keep tempo during the mid & late game. Be sure to count your damage in hand sometimes all you need is to pick up that extra Frostbolt to turn the game into a win.


Always try to mulligan hard for Mana Wyrm, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Cult Sorcerer look at what can synergize with your hand Sorcerer's Apprentice + Arcane Blast for example. Flamewaker becomes a lot better with the coin in hand but in most matchups you will still need a turn 1 / 2 play.


Notable Cards

Top Legend Standard Decks S1P2 - Midrange Hunter - Mr Yagut 1
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S1 - Part 2 Midrange Hunter

Mr. Yagut has always been around for quite a while and tends to play tons of innovative and interesting decks. He is known for hitting rank 1 legend multiple times with his rogue and is considered one of the rogue “masters”. Although he enjoys playing with his one true love, Valeera he also enjoys experimenting with other decklists creating this Doomsayer Midrange Hunter.

Mr. Yagut streams regularly on and tends to post his deck lists on

General Strategy

This deck shines in the mid game and can struggle to keep up versus more aggressive decks in the early game, this is why Mr. Yagut gave Midrange Hunter the addition of double Doomsayer. Use your early game cards such as Huge Toad, King's Elekk to apply pressure / keep up with the board. Once you start entering the midgame you can start cashing in your deck value: developing a Savannah Highmane, Ram Wrangler, Houndmaster (can give you excellent trading potential or even Stampeding Kodo to take over the midgame.

When facing aggro you usually want to take over board and win the game through board control, but keep in mind you are still playing Hunter who can deal tons of damage over just a few turns. Versus control you’ll most likely come at a point in the game where you want to start applying face damage with your hero power and your other damage cards: Kill Command, Quick Shot, Call of the Wild and the charge with Tundra Rhino.


With midrange hunter you always to be looking for a strong early game curve. Mulligan for your early game 2-drops: Doomsayer, King's Elekk, Huge Toad and consider keeping Quick Shot versus shaman and Warlock.

If you already have a 2-drop, keep your Animal Companion / Carrion Grub.


Notable Cards

  • Freezing Trap: Great versus control decks
  • Doomsayer: Can just stop a board flood deck / aggro deck in the early stages
  • Stampeding Kodo: Great in the current meta with tons of 1-2 attack creatures being run.
  • Tundra Rhino: Can give charge to your deathrattles and also instantly applies pressure, forcing your opponent to use removal otherwise a Savannah Highmane could be charging the face.
  • Call of the Wild: Powerful card that applies instant pressure, great when facing control decks in the late game.
Top Legend Standard Decks S1P2 - Nzoth Control Paladin - Chakki 1
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S1 - Part 2 N'Zoth Control Paladin

As promised a solid Control Deathrattle Paladin, this list has been used by Chakki to finish first place in Dreamhack Austin and has seen tons of tournament and ladder play since. The list is very solid and built to win control matchups with the addition of Justicar Trueheart and Ragnaros the Firelord while still being able to combat aggro with 2x Doomsayer and 2x Stampeding Kodo

Chakki is quite active on twitter and tends to post tons of interesting thoughts and dank memes on

General Strategy

Your goal as control Paladin is to stall the game until the late game, this is where the deck shines the most with the N'Zoth, the Corruptor bringing back every deathrattle minion from the dead. Dropping an early Doomsayer can help you combat aggro in the early turns, while cards such as Stampeding Kodo & Truesilver Champion will help you combat the Mid-Game onslaught.

In the early game you mainly want to survive & get some card draw. Use your Humility or Aldor Peacekeeper defensively if you feel like you are going to take too much damage versus aggro / midrange. Versus control you can be a little bit greedier with your cards and save your Humility or board wipe ability such as Wild Pyromancer + Equality for when they drop a big threath.

Remember that you outvalue most decks, so stall the game and win late game, play around their board wipes and try to force your opponent to use his Brawl / Wild Pyromancer +Equality clear before you drop your N'Zoth, the Corruptor.

Keep in mind that only getting one or two minions from N'Zoth, the Corruptor. Isn’t necessarily the worst thing ever it’s still a very solid body.


Look for Doomsayer, Acolyte of Pain in your opening hand.

When facing Aggro you will want to have a board clear in hand such as Equality + Wild Pyromancer, because your deck is rather slow and you want to survive the onslaught.

If you suspect zoo you can keep Consecration.
Keeping Aldor Peacekeeper also helps to combat the aggro (Shaman running Totem Golem / Flamewreathed Faceless).

If your hand is already looking good keep Truesilver Champion

If you suspect slower decks keep your Truesilver Champion
Against weapon classes you can keep Acidic Swamp Ooze


Notable Cards


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