Top Legend Standard Decks S2P1 - Pirates Beasts And Tentacles

Top Legend Standard Decks S2P1 – Pirates Beasts and Tentacles

This edition contains a number of decks that are unique and very fun to play (yarr!), but remain competitive at the highest level of play. The four featured decks , have all reached the esteemed #1 Legend spot, and include two #1 Legend Finishes from both NA and EU.

Every deck is accompanied with a few guidelines explaining: Strategy, Mulligan and Card Choices, in order for you to pick up these decks and start playing.

Top Legend Standard Decks S2P1 - Pirate Warrior - Feno
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Top Legend Standard Decks S2 - P1 - Pirate Warrior - Sector One

When we hear “Pirate Warrior” and “Rank 1 Legend” in one sentence, we usually think that it’s a joke. Apparently “Feno” made the meme come true and Yo-ho-ho’d all the way to Rank 1 Legend. Okay admittedly, he had a little help using Miracle Rogue along the way but he mainly played Pirate Warrior and only some Miracle Rogue.

Feno’s Twitter

General Strategy

Pirate Warrior is an aggressive deck that focuses on rushing down his opponent, however you will need to establish some sort of board control in the early game before throwing everything to your opponent’s face. N'Zoth's First Mate and Fiery War Axe can grant you that early board control and allow you to develop your minions.

The deck can win by flooding the board with early game minions that go out of control when no answer is provided ( Bloodsail Raider, Frothing Berserker) or just going all-in on weapon damage and charge minions. Look at your current hand and develop a strategy: do I start fighting for board or am I just one or two weapon swings away from lethal? Think how your opponent can punish you with board clear spells / heavy taunt minions that disrupt your game plan.



There is a ton of pirate synergy, weapon synergy as well as some dragon synergy in this deck:

Notable Cards

manacrystal - hearthstone - sector one
Top Legend Standard Decks S2P1 - Midrange Hunter - Scottyda
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Top Legend Standard Decks S2 - P1 - Midrange Hunter - Sector One

With Warrior being a prominent played class on ladder, Hunter has been gaining popularity by many high legend players. Although there was a lot of experimenting with deck lists (some even adding in Doomsayer), this list seems to be teched towards countering the current meta: Explosive Trap and Dreadscale help combat Zoo, while Stampeding Kodo is an excellent card especially when facing Warrior, allowing you to snipe a Bloodhoof Brave / Acolyte of Pain.

“Socttyda” / “KingofType89” finished Season 26 with a Midrange Hunter built by Tempo Storm’s “Justsayian”.

Socttyda’s Twitch

General Strategy

This deck shines in the midgame and can struggle to keep up versus more aggressive decks in the early game. Use your early game cards such as Huge Toad, King's Elekk to apply pressure / keep up with the board.*

Once you start entering the midgame you can start cashing in your deck value: developing a Savannah Highmane, Houndmaster (can give you excellent trading potential or even Stampeding Kodo to take over the midgame.
Call of the Wild instantly gives you a board to play with and applies immediate pressure in the late game and can often be used as a finisher as well.

When facing aggro you usually want to take over board and win the game through board control, but keep in mind you are still playing Hunter, a class that can deal a ton of damage over just a few turns.

Versus control you’ll most likely come at a point in the game where you want to start applying face damage with your hero power and your other damage cards: Kill Command, Quick Shot, Call of the Wild.


With Mid-Range Hunter you will always be looking for a strong early game curve. Mulligan for your early game 2-drops: King's Elekk, Huge Toad and consider keeping Quick Shot versus Shaman and Warlock.

If you already have a 2-drop, keep your Animal Companion, if you suspect a board flood deck, keep Explosive Trap.

Notable Cards

manacrystal - hearthstone - sector one
Top Legend Standard Decks S2P1 - Cthun Druid - Silentstorm
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Top Legend Standard Decks S2 - P1 - C'Thun Druid - Sector One

Silentstorm is a player that usually likes to differentiate himself from the more stereotypical meta decks. He likes to make his own mind up about what is good in the current meta and this often leads to some innovative deck building and high legend placements.

SilentStorm’s Twitter

General Strategy

C'Thun Druid can be compared to a Heavy Taunt Ramp Druid, relying on cheating the mana curve with Wild Growth and Innervate. This deck does not have a finisher apart from C'Thun and usually revolves around you taking over board control and applying pressure over time. In the early game you are mainly looking to survive or cheat the mana curve with an Innervate into a 4 / 5 Drop.

Disciple of C'Thun, Wrath and Living Roots help you from getting overrun in the early stages. During the Mid & Late game you want to take over the board with your high value minions / taunts: Dark Arakkoa, Twin Emperor Vek'lor, Sylvanas Windrunner,… Raven Idol is a flexible card that usually isn’t included in a C'Thun Druid but it can allow you to fish for some removal or just an extra minion. (Remember, you are always more likely to pick up a class specific card when discovering).


You want to mulligan for Wild Growth, Innervate and Living Roots. Keep Raven Idol when going first, you can maybe pick up an Innervate or Wild Growth that way.

If you have Wild Growth already, keeping a 4 drop is fine. Same goes when you have Innervate in hand. You can even keep a 5-drop when on [The Coin]. Don’t just Innervate out something big, think a few turns ahead and make sure you curve out.

Keep Disciple of C'Thun, Wrath when you suspect your opponent to play an aggressive deck. Swipe can also be a solid keep versus Zoo.

Notable Cards

manacrystal - hearthstone - sector one
Top Legend Standard Decks S2P1 - Nzoth Control Warrior - Fibonacci
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Top Legend Standard Decks S2 - P1 - N'Zoth Warrior - Sector One

Fibonacci is considered a Control Warrior god, he has had multiple high legend positions on ladder with Control Warrior including some Rank 1 finishes as well. He is always adjusting his deck list to the current meta, experimenting a ton with a variety of sometimes unseen cards in Control Warrior. This time he built his deck around N'Zoth, the Corruptor while still teching in some anti-aggro cards.

Fibonacci’s Twitter & Twitch

General Strategy

Control warrior has a few ways to win: through fatigue, Grommash Hellscream finisher, board control or getting out of reach by gaining ridiculous amounts of health. In the current state of the meta where tempo and aggro decks are extremely popular, Fibonacci has built the deck defensively and runs multiple taunts and area of effects clears, opting for cards like Infested Tauren, Doomsayer, Ravaging Ghoul, Revenge.

Although with the amount of taunts and board clears being run this deck might seem like it lacks potential when playing the value game versus control. But to alleviate that N'Zoth, the Corruptor and Ysera are two powerhouse that allow the deck to still push through in the lategame and that require an immediate answer from your opponent.


Mulligan for strong early game tools like Fiery War Axe, Acolyte of Pain, Bash and keep Revenge versus decks that flood the board.


  • N'Zoth, the Corruptor: With so many deathrattles being run, N’zoth is a great addition to the deck allowing you to instantly swarm the board.
  • Doomsayer: Stops aggro in its tracks
  • 2x Brawl: Great vs all the board flood decks
  • 2x Revenge: often no longer played around can be very effective and often unexpected
manacrystal - hearthstone - sector one


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