Top Legend Standard Decks S2P2 - Troggs, Yoggs and Fiery Win Axe

Top Legend Standard Decks S2P1 – Pirates Beasts and Tentacles

The current meta seems infested with tons of “troggs, yoggs and fiery win axes”, this is why we are bringing more innovative creations into the spotlight. All of these decks remain viable at the highest level of play, but uphold an unique aspect that makes laddering a fun and enjoyable experience!

Every deck is accompanied with a few guidelines explaining: Strategy, Mulligan and Card Choices, in order for you to pick up these decks and start playing.

Top Legend Standard Decks S2P2 - Deathwing Ramp Druid

“Apxvoid” is a name that might sound familiar to a lot of players, primarily known for his Tempo Mage play. This time he made it all the way up to #3 Legend with a rather unconventional Druid deck created by “Neobility”. The deck focuses on ramp effects either by utilising the standard Wild Growth / Innervate kit or getting ramp effects from Raven Idol.

Apxvoid’s TwitterTwitch


Class Specific Cards
  • 0Innervate2 
  • 1Living Roots1 
  • 1Raven Idol2 
  • 2Wild Growth2 
  • 2Wrath2 
  • 3Mulch1 
  • 4Swipe2 
  • 4Fandral Staghelm1 
  • 4Mire Keeper2 
  • 5Nourish1 
  • 5Druid of the Claw2 
  • 6Dark Arakkoa2 
  • 7Ancient of War2 
  • 9Cenarius1 
Neutral Cards
  • 2Doomsayer1 
  • 5Azure Drake1 
  • 5Harrison Jones1 
  • 6Sylvanas Windrunner1 
  • 8Ragnaros the Firelord1 
  • 9Ysera1 
  • 10Deathwing1 

General Strategy

Ramp Druid relies on cheating the mana curve with Wild Growth and Innervate. This deck does not have a finisher and usually revolves around you taking over board control and applying pressure over time. In the early game you are mainly looking to survive or cheat the mana curve with an Innervate / Wild Growth allowing you to develop a high value creature one or two turns earlier.

Wrath, Doomsayer, Living Roots help you from getting overrun in the early stages. During the Mid & Late game you want to take over the board with your high value minions / taunts: Dark Arakkoa,Sylvanas Windrunner,… if you manage to make it to the end game you should be able to secure the win. Whilst still making sure that you are playing around board clears (Brawl, Equality ,etc…

Raven Idol is a flexible card that can be used for an extra minion or a spell. You should (usually) always look for a spell, it is guaranteed to pick a class spell card such as: Swipe, Wrath, Innervate and is in most cases stronger than a minion.


You want to mulligan for Wild Growth, Innervate and Living Roots. Keep Raven Idol when going first, you can maybe pick up an Innervate or Wild Growth that way always keep Doomsayer at the start.

If you have Wild Growth already, keeping a 4 drop is fine. Same goes when you have Innervate in hand. You can even keep a 5-drop when on [The Coin]. Don’t just Innervate out something big, think a few turns ahead and make sure you curve out.

Keep Wrath when you suspect your opponent to play an aggressive deck. Swipe can also be a solid keep versus Zoo.

Notable Cards

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Top Legend Standard Decks S2P2 - Tempo Dragon Warrior

Dragon Warrior has the ability to become a very powerful deck but remains somewhat unexplored. And has the potential of crushing it’s opponent when getting the right curve along with some dragon synergy. Rayc & friends were messing around with this deck archetype and made it to rank 10 Legend.

Rayc’s Twitter | Twitch


Class Specific Cards
  • 0Inner Rage1 
  • 1Blood To Ichor2 
  • 2Execute2 
  • 1N'Zoth's First Mate1 
  • 3Fiery War Axe2 
  • 2Slam1 
  • 2Alexstrasza's Champion2 
  • 3Frothing Berserker2 
  • 3Ravaging Ghoul2 
  • 4Kor'kron Elite2 
  • 8Grommash Hellscream1 
Neutral Cards
  • 1Sir Finley Mrrgglton1 
  • 2Faerie Dragon2 
  • 4Twilight Guardian2 
  • 5Azure Drake2 
  • 5Blackwing Corruptor2 
  • 6Drakonid Crusher2 
  • 8Ragnaros the Firelord1 

General Strategy

Dragon Warrior is a rather aggressive deck that tries to apply heavy pressure to it’s opponent from the start. Gain control of the board in the early game through dragon synergy [Alexstrasza’s Champion] and weapons (Fiery War Axe, N'Zoth's First Mate. Your time to shine and apply heavy pressure is in the mid to late game dropping major threats such as: Ragnaros the Firelord, Grommash Hellscream and Drakonid Crusher.

Make sure that you are not overly trading when playing versus control, this deck is still a tempo deck and will get outvalued when the game drags out. When playing versus other tempo or versus aggressive decks you should fight for board and value trade, unless you are far ahead.


Only keep Blood To Ichor on [The Coin] and Slam versus aggro.

Look for: N'Zoth's First Mate, Alexstrasza's Champion, Sir Finley Mrrgglton, Fiery War Axe, Faerie Dragon. It’s okay to keep Azure Drake, Twilight Guardian to make sure Alexstrasza's Champion gets the dragon synergy effect.

Consider keeping Execute when playing vs Shaman for their Flamewreathed Faceless (only when having a good hand)

Combos & tips

  • Execute can allow more face damage and force your opponent to deal with a minion don’t be too greedy with the card.
  • Sometimes it is right holding onto a Dragon when you have yet to draw your synergy cards.
  • Drakonid Crusher can be a very annoying minion to deal with when your opponent is dropping low.

Notable Cards

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Top Legend Standard Decks S2P2 - AlAkir Mid-Range Shaman

Sjow has been dominating the ladder ever since the release of Whispers of the Old Gods. This time he piloted a Mid-Range Shaman list to rank 5. The list is quite different from other Mid-Range Shaman lists, running Harrison Jones and Al'Akir the Windlord.

Sjow’s Twitter | Twitch


Class Specific Cards
  • 1Lightning Bolt1 
  • 2Rockbiter Weapon2 
  • 1Tunnel Trogg2 
  • 2Flametongue Totem2 
  • 2Totem Golem2 
  • 3Feral Spirit2 
  • 4Hex2 
  • 3Lightning Storm2 
  • 3Mana Tide Totem1 
  • 3Tuskarr Totemic2 
  • 4Flamewreathed Faceless2 
  • 5Thunder Bluff Valiant2 
  • 6Fire Elemental2 
  • 6Thing from Below2 
  • 8Al'Akir the Windlord1 
Neutral Cards
  • 1Argent Squire2 
  • 5Harrison Jones1 

General Strategy

Establish board control and keep defending your board by making favorable trades. Once you have control of the board slowly chunk down your opponent with your value creatures, be mindful of AoE effects such as Flamestrike / Consecration / Equality. Make sure you are always counting your damage on board and in hand, sometimes your burst damage in hand can just close the game rapidly. You either win by slowly chunking down your opponent by gaining board control or just bursting him down.


Mulligans are pretty simple, you want your early game: Tunnel Trogg, Argent Squire, Rockbiter Weapon and Totem Golem.

When on [The Coin] use [The Coin] + Totem Golem and follow it up with a turn 1 Argent Squire / Abusive Sergeant. You can also use [The Coin] to play your Feral Spirit on turn 2, and have a 3/3 Tunnel Trogg and 2x 2/3 Feral Spirit.

Combos & Tips

Notable Cards

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Top Legend Standard Decks S2P2 - Yogg Tempo Mage

This Tempo Mage build created by “Hotform” (the second place finisher at the Hearthstone Worldchampionship last year) has been tearing up the ladder. It was used by it’s creator and by “Tylerootd” -a high legend streamer- to reach #1 Legend multiple times on both NA & Asia.

Both Hotform & Tyler stream on a regular basis.
Hotform: Twitter | Twitch
Tylerootd: TwitterTwitch


Class Specific Cards
  • 1Arcane Blast2 
  • 1Arcane Missiles2 
  • 1Mirror Image2 
  • 1Mana Wyrm2 
  • 2Frostbolt2 
  • 2Cult Sorcerer2 
  • 2Sorcerer's Apprentice2 
  • 3Arcane Intellect2 
  • 3Forgotten Torch2 
  • 3Flamewaker2 
  • 4Fireball2 
  • 4Water Elemental2 
Neutral Cards
  • 2Bloodmage Thalnos1 
  • 3Acolyte of Pain2 
  • 5Azure Drake2 
  • 10Yogg-Saron, Hope's End1 

General Strategy

“Hotform” has written an in-depth strategy guide for this deck where you can find tips for every matchup. Here you will only find a basic navigation for the deck.

In-depth guide:

The early-game turns are of extreme importance to this deck. You have plenty of synergy between your early game cards to provide you with a lead in the first few turns. The deck relies on utilizing spell synergy to take over the board early with Mana Wyrm, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Arcane Missiles, and Flamewaker making it extremely hard for your opponent to recover.

Azure Drake and Acolyte of Pain make sure you can keep up the tempo and have plenty cards in your hand to work with, they also have synergy with Forgotten Torch. Apply pressure from an early stage and make sure to count your damage in hand; sometimes all you need is to pick up that extra piece of burn to turn the game into a win.
The deck also synergizes with the one and only [Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End] which can be a great comeback mechanism, usually you will want to be playing this card when you are behind and you don’t have a board flooded with minions.


“CC”= Conditional Cards (CC): Cards that we keep if we have other good mulligan cards, or specific synergy in our hand already.”

Combos & Tips

Notable Cards

  • Bloodmage Thalnos: Great synergy with all the spells Arcane Blast, its Deathrattle effect also allows for extra draw
  • Acolyte of Pain: Usually not included in Tempo Mage, but allows for more card, excellent turn 3 drop
  • Forgotten Torch: With all the cycle and spellpower effects in this list Forgotten Torch is a great addition
  • Water Elemental: Beefy minion that is extremely threatening to weapon classes
  • Yogg-Saron, Hope's End: “All-in” card can be great or it can completely backfire, often played when you are behind on board. The more spells you play the more chance you have of getting good spells.

manacrystal - hearthstone - sector one
Top Legend Standard Decks S2P2 - Questing Adventurer Miracle Rogue

“Amnesiac” is the 2016 Winter Americas Champion and is regarded as one of the best players in the world. Being able to navigate almost any deck to high legend and reaching rank 1 several times. Besides being a high legend player he also loves to mess around with rather funky & creative decklists which can lead to interesting deckbuilding like his new Questing Adventurer Rogue.

Amnesiac: Twitter | Twitch


Class Specific Cards
  • 0Backstab2 
  • 0Preparation2 
  • 1Cold Blood2 
  • 1Conceal2 
  • 1Deadly Poison2 
  • 2Eviscerate2 
  • 2Sap2 
  • 2Shiv1 
  • 3Fan of Knives2 
  • 3Shadow Strike1 
  • 3Edwin VanCleef1 
  • 3SI:7 Agent2 
  • 4Tomb Pillager2 
Neutral Cards
  • 2Bloodmage Thalnos1 
  • 3Questing Adventurer2 
  • 5Azure Drake2 
  • 6Gadgetzan Auctioneer2 

General Strategy

This General strategy section was taken from an in-depth Rogue guide made by Sector One’s Guukboii who is considered a highly skilled rogue player. It has a detailed explanation of mulligans and matchups. I highly recommend reading it if you want to improve your Rogue play.

In-depth guide: 

Early-on you want to keep their board as clean as possible. Use removals like Backstab (possibly with SI:7 Agent) and Eviscerate to slow them down. Turn 4 or 5 you should always try to play a minion while possibly removing something with Preparation (+ a spell) or Backstab. After turn 6 best case would be that you can play Gadgetzan Auctioneer on a near empty board and start cycling A LOT, with the coins you got from [Tomb Pillagers], Preparation and other spells. After that, you want to find a good turn to push for lethal. This is something Rogue can do very easily. You just need some minions, Cold Blood them and Conceal the board. Then kill them the turn after with your board and the extra burst you can get from Eviscerate and weapon damage.

This deck also allows the ability to make a minion snowball with running 2x Questing Adventurer and 1 Edwin VanCleef you should be counting your opponent’s removal and start making a big creature over one or two turns with Conceal


You always want to mulligan for Backstab & SI:7 Agent.

When facing Aggro Paladin or Zoo Warlock, keep Fan of Knives.

If you have Backstab & SI:7 Agent it is okay to keep your Tomb Pillager.

Consider keeping Edwin VanCleef when on the coin, it can win you the game on the spot.

Combos & Tips

  • Cycle first with [The Coin] when playing Gadgetzan Auctioneer.
  • Sometimes you will have to all in on concealing minions with Cold Blood if your hand is looking dead.
  • Always count your damage – sometimes you are just a few dagger hits away from lethal, especially with a snowballing Questing Adventurer
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