Top 3 Legend Warlock Zoo

Posted by Rondels 28 April 2016 in Hearthstone

[ish_image image=”2365″ size=”full”]“Rdu” is a very familiar sounding name for most Hearthstone players, within the first day of the release of the new expansion he has taken the #3 Legend spot on Asia with a new breed of Zoo.
The core deck was originally created by modernleper who piloted it to top 20 legend. Rdu saw the potential of this new Zoo list and together with Greensheep they fine tuned the deck, adding in cards such as the recently nerfed Knife Juggler, who is still an extremely valuable resource in this deck.
If you want to catch RDU in action check him out on Twitch he streams regulary or follow him on Twitter

RDU reaching #3 Legend screenshot[ish_separator][ish_tgg_acc][ish_tgg_acc_item el_title=”Decklist (Show/Hide)”][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/1″][ish_image image=”2354″ size=”full”][/ish_tgg_acc_item][/ish_tgg_acc][ish_headline tag_size=”h4″]General StrategyYour goal is to take control of the board very early and using that to snowball into a win. You want to be “flooding” the board in order to get the benefits from Gormok the Impaler, Darkshire Councilman or make Sea Giant very cheap to be played. Forbidden Ritual is also a very powerful card that can has great synergy with tons of other minions.
Keep control of the board and trade your weaker minions. When you are already far ahead you can just start cashing in the damage and go face. Try to play around board clear abilities such as Hellfire or Consecration.[ish_headline tag_size=”h4″]MulliganGeneral rule: always keep your one drops and Imp Gang Boss, keep your Abusive Sergeant when you already have a one drop.
Mulligan hard for cheap minions like Voidwalker, Flame Imp, Argent Squire, Possessed Villager, Dark Peddler, Imp Gang Boss..
Try to get a drop for every turn in your hand for example: T1 Argent Squire, T2 Dark Peddler, Turn 3 Imp Gang Boss,… [ish_headline tag_size=”h4″]New Zoo Synergy[ish_list]

[/ish_list][ish_headline tag_size=”h4″]Notable Cards[ish_list icon=”ish-icon-right-open-1″]

[/ish_list]Credit to Arsenal21 for the image