Victory – S1 versus Academy

Posted by Catherine Rector 24 May 2019 in League of Legends

Last night was a monumental ESL Dutch Championship game between both branches of the S1 League of Legends roster; S1 main and S1 Academy.

The early game was quiet and deliberate, with players on both sides picking up the occasional kill. It wasn’t until an explosive fight at 26 minutes that the game turned into a bloodbath. The following team fight was a clean sweep from S1 main, putting them in the lead 15-8. The game was over at 32 minutes with a victory for the main roster. The final kill score was 20 to 9, with a 14.1k gold lead, 11 towers to 2, and 4 dragons to 1 in favour of the main roster.

This leaves S1 main at 4-1 and Academy at 1-4 in the ESL Dutch Championship standings.

As you can see, the pickups of Tent and Zhergoth have paid off for the main roster. It was Saviour’s departure that made room for some roster changes. Atrocez has moved back to Support, making room for Tent as the new addition to the Jungle, and Zhergoth in the top lane.

Sector One - League of Legends - Mytheos Night Atrocez - vs Team Animals Echo Zulu

The ESL Dutch Championship Group Stage takes place every Thursday evening from April 4th to June 6th. Watch live via Twitch or keep up with the results.