Victory versus Kapsalon

Posted by Catherine Rector 14 May 2019 in CS:GO

Last night was the fourth round of the Kayzr League. Despite having just returned from a weekend-long LAN, the CS:GO team won 16-12 against Kapsalon on Mirage.

The team is currently 2-2 in the standings. With only five weeks in the group stage, this win versus Kapsalon is an important one. Next week they’ll face Defusekids, who are currently undefeated.

You can watch the entire game here. Unfortunately, the Kayzr League team were unable to use casters due to technical difficulties.

The team returned from LouvardGame 4.2 on Sunday, where they finished third place and pulled off an incredible 80 round map against a team of seasoned players.

It’s been an excellent season for them thus far. They’ve taken Top 3 at handful of events, including Frag-o-matic 21.0, LouvardGame 4.1, LouvardGame 4.2, and ESEA Main. The team was specially chosen by CS:GO veteran Stev0se, who had skill, team play and dedication in mind. It seems the bet has paid off, as they’ve become the first fully Belgian team to have qualified for ESEA Advanced.

The Kayzr League Group Stage runs for five weeks, while the semi-finals will be held on June 6th and the finals on June 8th. Fans can support their favourite local teams by attending the finals live at Kinepolis Antwerpen.

There’s more CS:GO action coming! They’ll face their next ESEA Advanced match tonight, Tuesday, May 14th at 22:00 versus Boys in Blue. They’ll be back next Monday for the last round of the Kayzr League group stage, playing against Defusekids at 21:00 .