Victory versus New Dynasty

Posted by Catherine Rector 31 May 2019 in League of Legends

The S1 League of Legends teams were back on the rift last night for the second-to-last round of the ESL Dutch Championship group stage. The main roster was able to take a win versus New Dynasty. Unfortunately, Academy was less successful in their match against Solwing.

The game versus New Dynasty was packed full of aggression and towerdives from the main roster. Botlane was the center of the action in the early game, where Team Echo Zulu’s Lunar was subbing in for ADC Mytheos. The teams were neck-in-neck for kills until 9 minutes, when S1 pulled themselves into a 4 kill lead in enemy territory. New Dynasty was unable to take enough of an advantage to come back. By 19 minutes, S1 had taken the first inhibitor.

The game ended at 24 minutes, 23 kills to 9. S1 finished with a solid 16.3k gold lead and had taken 10 towers without dropping a single tower of their own.

S1 main is currently sitting at 5-1 in the standings, while Academy is 1-5. Get more information about the games here.

The pickup of Tent and Zhergoth have already paid off for the main roster.
Saviour’s departure created an opportunity for considerable adaptation in the team. Atrocez has moved back to Support, making room for Tent as the new addition to the Jungle, and Zhergoth in the top lane.

There’s only one match to go in the group stage! Next week, Academy faces New Dynasty at 19:00. Afterwards, the main roster plays against Solwing at 21:00. The top four teams advance to the next stage on Sunday, June 16.