Victory versus Solwing and New Dynasty

Posted by Catherine Rector 7 June 2019 in League of Legends

Last night was the final round of the ESL Dutch Championship group stage and we have a double win! Academy took out New Dynasty in the first match of the night, and the S1 main roster went on to beat Solwing as well.

Sector One - ESL Dutch Championship - LoL - League of Legends - Solwing New Dynasty

Academy vs New Dynasty

While first blood went to New Dynasty, Academy was quick to focus down objectives. By 10:30 they’d rotated top to take first tower and had claimed their first dragon. Bot lane took yet another tower while New Dynasty released an unsuccessful Rift Herald in the top lane. Academy continued to push out lanes, take dragons and keep the pressure on. The first inhibitor fell at 22 minutes, followed by two base turrets. New Dynasty was able to even out the gold lead, but lost Baron to a smite steal from Izoyu. After a final team fight, Academy forced into their open base and ended the game at 31:38. Academy had the kill lead with 24-20, a 3.4k gold lead, all four dragons, and 11 towers to 4.

S1 main versus Solwing

The S1 main team started the game with a heavy investment into their first blood secure. Solwing quickly picked up a few kills, especially in the top lane. By 20 minutes, both teams were even in kills, but S1 picked up a Baron shortly after, adding to their three dragon objective lead. S1 kept the pressure on, pushing into Solwing’s base again and again. An ace at 30 minutes lead directly to the win at 31:23. S1 finished 17 kills to 12 with a 15.5k gold lead, 11 towers to 2, and all five dragons.

This leaves S1 at 6-1 in the standings, and Academy at 2-5. S1 main roster will move on to the next phase of competition, live from Haarlem on June 16th. Don’t want to miss the semi-finals action? Tune in via Twitch or keep up with the results on the website.