Victory vs Team Animals: ESL Dutch Championship

Posted by Catherine Rector 3 May 2019 in League of Legends

Last night was another exciting round of the ESL Dutch Championship. The Academy team faced Team Echo Zulu, while the main team played vs Team Animals.

The main team picked up a win vs Team Animals after a kill-heavy, action-packed game. The game was back and forth before the 20 minute mark, each team neck in neck in kills, gold and towers. The real lead went to Sector One when they were able to pick up two inhibitors and a sneaky Baron in a four-minute window. The team secured the game after they delayed Team Animals at Baron, allowing super minions to swarm the enemy nexus. The game ended at 31 minutes with a 4.8k gold lead, 20 kills to 26, and 4 towers to 11, in favour of Sector One.

The team and their support staff are happy with their performance, especially in light of recent roster swaps. Watch the game below.

Unfortunately, the Academy team weren’t as successful in their match. Much like the main team’s game, the score went even until 23 minutes. Team Echo Zulu was able to pick up a handful of kills in a series of team fights. They then picked up a second Baron, pushed their way into all three lanes, and forced their way into the Academy base. The game ended at 33 minutes with an 8.9k gold difference, 24 kills to 14, and 9 towers to 3 in favour of EZ.

The round leaves both Sector One teams at 1-1 in the standings.

The ESL Dutch Championship Group Stage takes place every Thursday evening from April 4th to June 6th. Watch live via Twitch or keep up with the results. Next week our teams will swap opponents, with Academy facing Team Animals and the main team taking on Team Echo Zulu.

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