Gwent Pro Ladder Weekly Trends #1 by Lorenthiel


Hello guys,

I am Lorenthiel and I would like to present you with a new series of short articles that will focus on the trends that we had during the last week (for this one I have data from 4 days), and what decks/techs were underestimated in the past week that might impact the meta in the upcoming week.

To analyse that I will use GwentUp’s daily data from pro ladder in form of cumulative and daily tables. (Big shoutout to the GwentUp team for creating this amazing tool!) You can access GwentUp data here: .

This first article is partially a test, any kind of feedback is greatly appreciated, so I can improve future articles. Do not hesitate to message me on Twitter (@S1_Lorenthiel) if you have any that you want to share with me 😊

Without further ado, let’s move on to the analysis. I hope you will enjoy it!


During this week we have seen the rise of new value deck – Foltest with Trebuchets and Siege Towers that could generate enormous amount of points, even decks like Spy Nilfgaard and Consume Monster struggle to keep up. Some people tried to counter this deck – mill decks were a pretty good answer, but they were losing other matchups (for example against Veteran Skellige and Henselt Machines), so in the end mill was not all that popular. Even though Spies were forced to change to the Assire var Anahid + Roach package to have an easier matchup against mill decks.




We can see that with every single day of playing, the popularity of Foltest was decreasing due to their bad matchup against Henselt Machines. Moreover due to Faction Wars, Northern Realms was a huge part of the metagame this week, and we can see a decrease in the most used leader of Skellige – King Bran. Because of two facts, Henselt Machines was dominating ladder this week, having the best winrate on proladder throughout the week.

What we might overlook is the fact that both Foltest and most of the people playing Spies(due to Roach + Assire var Anahid combo) did not play hazard clears. That itself raises a possibility to play hazard focused decks again. On the tables I highlighted Eredin values for last 4 days and we could see very consistent growth of Eredin popularity and winrate. Even though I do not want to make a in-depth guide, the first deck I would like to mention is Eredin / Iris deck itself. Due to the mentioned lack of clears, the deck is doing pretty well against most of the popular decks (Foltest, Spies, Consume Monsters), but it might struggle against Henselt Machines. I would like to showcase Dyuhaaa’s Eredin deck that has the potential to be very good in todays meta (especially since no one is playing around Succubus as of now).

Another underestimated deck right now is Scoiatael Movement. With Hattori on board, the deck finally has a powerful finisher which was lacking before, and with Vrihedd Officer the deck has initial tempo that is needed to set up the weather in most cases. The reasoning for the deck is basically the same as for Eredin, since we are abusing hazards, but other than that we have a strong finisher in the form of Hattori. Obviously, the deck is good against decks I mentioned earlier, and it has an edge against Henselt – thanks to its finisher. Bad matchups for Movement Scoia’tael are heavy removal decks and/or deck that have multiple weather clears (for example Spell-ale-tael or Greatswords).

That is all for this week, hopefully you enjoyed the article!  Feel free to drop any feedback on Reddit or Twitter @S1_Lorenthiel

 See you the next time – after the expansion!