Welcome Kirwa, WiiPow & Fall0w (Fortnite)

After more than two hundred days of not having Fortnite players within our ranks, we are back. Consisting of Kenzo “Kirwa” Fagiolino & Mathieu “WiiPow” Huart, we are confident that we will perform in the next FNCS events.

Welcome Kirwa & WiiPow video announcement

The goal of this collaboration is to make these young players grow in terms of performing in-game, as well as out of game. We can’t wait to see what the future will bring with these players alongside Sector One.

Fall0w is also joining S1, as a coach:
As said, we want our players to grow in-game and out of the game. That’s why we recruited Maxime “Fall0w” … who will help the players to achieve our & their goals.

Maxime “Fall0w” Majer

We are super excited to welcome them to S1 and cannot wait for you to see them in action in their next tournament.

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