Welcome Lee Joo Ho

Posted by Catherine Rector 30 July 2019 in League of Legends

Behind every great player is an amazing coach. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce you to our new League of Legends coach, Lee Joo Ho.

Lee Joo Ho, whose real name is Johan, has an impressive history in esports. He started playing semi-professional League of Legends in 2015, and began coaching in 2016. His resume includes names such as Millenium, Wind and Rain, and Team Singularity. Now he’s bringing his skills to the Benelux to push our players to the next level.

But why here? We sat down with Johan and asked him exactly that.

Welcome Lee Joo Ho to Sector One
Johan winning Insomnia Gaming Festival 61 with his former team (Vim Esports) – photo credits go to https://esports-news.co.uk

Working in the Benelux

Why did you choose to work with Sector One? Sector One is a possibility to make a Cinderella story. The organisation is not the biggest there is, but the people around it are really passionate. That’s really contagious, meaning when you talk to people in the organisation, you instantly get a motivation boost to work harder. The players are also a good mix of veterans and rookies, which is a good challenge for sure.

What do you think about our region? If I may be honest, I find the region to be a bit of a fiesta sometimes. For sure the level of the Benelux is way lower compared to, for example, Spain and France, but the Benelux has something about it that makes it interesting. Whether it’s the style of the teams or the players in it or the fans, I can’t tell you, but there is something charming about it.


Can you tell us a bit about your esports career? What made you want to be a coach? Well, just like most people who play league, I started playing because it was good fun. I used to play the game on a semi pro-competitive level, which led to me being generally interested in understanding the game. Eventually, I got a chance to prove myself as a coach when an old friend called me up and asked me if I wanted to coach his team. After 2 years of hard work in school, while doing esports on the side, I am finally ready to commit to esports. So here I am, ready to work hard in Benelux to achieve success.

Has it always just been League of Legends, or did you play/coach other games as well? League has always been the game I burned for the most, but there have been times where I would try hard in CSGO and Rocket League. But it was never on the same competitive scale.

Johan leaking his strategy at Insomnia Gaming Festival 61

In your opinion, what is the most important task of a coach? Development for sure. I used to believe that drafting was the most important thing in coaching, but the reality is that drafting only makes you look good from an outsider’s perspective. What really matters is that your team is progressing.

Was there a moment in your career that was particularly challenging or satisfying? Well, playing CSQ (Challenger Series) and the time around it, back in 2017, was really challenging due to a lot of choices I had to make. The biggest choice was obviously whether to stay in school or not. I ended up doing both but looking back at it, I probably should have committed to either school or esports. The most challenging things are usually the most satisfying, so winning CSQ was definitely one of those moments. Frankly, I find every positive experience satisfying so there are probably too many moments to mention.

Having a little fun

What are your top 3 favourite champions? Probably Leblanc, Vladimir and Zed. I find those champions to be the most entertaining to play. Honorable mention to Azir.

Top 3 favourite games? League for sure. And then it would probably be Rocket League and CSGO

Top 3 favourite teams? TSM, SKT and KT Rolsters are my top three.

Top 3 LEC players? That has to be Dan Dan, Rekkles and Caps.

Those are some fantastic lists! But sadly, we’re out of time. Thank you for chatting with us. We can’t wait to see more of you and the team in action!

The Benelux Premier League group stage has just ended, which means the team will be back on Saturday, August 10th for the first of the BPL Elimination rounds. They’ll play live in the Binck Base in Den Haag and you can catch the stream here.

Want to follow Lee Joo Ho on his Benelux adventures?
Make sure to follow him on the following channels:

Twitter: twitter.com/CoachLeeJooHo
Twitch: twitch.tv/CoachLeeJooHo