Sector One is proud to officially announce that we have added a Gwent line up to our pro team roster. With an alliance of three very dedicated players, the ambitions with this line-up are really high, and their results in this Season 1 Pro Ladder are extremely encouraging.

Let’s welcome them and get to know them a bit more:


Stefan “Moody” Marinescu
Age: 22
Location: Romania

Since I was little, tournaments and competition have been an important part of my life. I started with 14 years of chess where I had great results such as : Multiple National Champion and won European Scholar Blitz Championship. After Chess I switched To Hearthstone Which I played for 3 years at a professional level. Some of my best results are: 3rd- IesF World Championship 2015, 2nd-PGL Tavern Tales 2016 , Top 8 Dreamhack Masters and representing Romania at the Hearthstone Global Games. I am excited to be a member of Sector One and working with my teammates since Gwent is an excellent competitive game that will only get better in time. My goals are: Becoming one of the best players in the world and representing Sector One as best as I can.”

Season 1 Pro Ladder finish: 26.


Piotr “Lorenthiel” Szarmach
Age: 25
Location: Poland

I’m coming from Spellweaver TCG, where I won two Masters Championship titles along with many top 10 finishes. I am really excited that Sector One gives me the chance to join the team – since my goal here is to become one of the best players in the world and compete with others on the competitive scene (my dream is to participate in Gwent Challenger and Gwent Masters) – and playing with amazing players will help me improve without a doubt.”

Season 1 Pro Ladder finish : 53


Liam “LbDutchboy” Brouwer
Age: 18
Location: The Netherlands

I have always been a fan of the Witcher series , I’ve played a lot of Witcher 3 especially and loved it, and I have a known love for card games. That made Gwent the perfect game for me to pick up. The competitive side of me wanted to see how far I could make it in another game than Hearthstone. Gwent was a big succes for me and for other former Hearthstone players , which I respect a lot, like LifeCoach, SuperJJ and GameKing as well. Some of which have also switched their main game to Gwent.”

Season 1 Pro Ladder finish : 118


Jean-Baptiste “Daydream” Beeckmans
Age: 36.
Location: Belgium

I am the coach of the group, and the first word that comes to my mind when I think about this line-up is “dedication”. I have rarely seen professional players with such a strong team spirit, constantly training together, brainstorming, and trying to find ways to get better, build stronger decks, and perform better. I have no doubt these guys will pull some great results and high quality content.”

We welcome these talented and dedicated players and are looking forward to sharing their achievements and expertise with all of you.

Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter with the links above and follow Sector One @sectoroneeu so that you don’t miss one of their detailed deck and strategy guides.