We’re recruiting a new content creator! Welcome, Saiven.

Yes, you read that right, we are pleased to announce that Saiven has joined Sector One as a content creator!

Saiven’s announcement tweet

As Valorant is the latest game we’ve started competing on, we thought that recruiting a CC specialised in this game would be a good choice.
Our paths naturally crossed with Saiven. Being a young Valorant streamer from Brussels, we immediately wanted to collaborate with him. The goal is to represent Brussels as best as possible, right?
We’re working together on a lot of projects already, and we can’t wait to show you!

The first project we collaborated on was his merch collection. Already available on our website, we will take care of the printing, promotion and all the logistics of his T-shirts and hoodies. The full drop is on our site, check it out now!🔥

Saiven wearing the Saiven Corp drop T-shirt

Saiven’s recruitment is part of a drive to recreate a team of content creators in Sector One. So keep an eye on our social media channels in the upcoming weeks, new foxes may be joining the den! 🦊

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