Which Legendary Should I Craft?

Posted by Catherine Rector 28 September 2018 in Hearthstone

“Which legendary should I craft with my dust?” That’s probably the most common question a Hearthstone player receives. I’m going to try to give you an answer here!

First: Do you have a deck that you really enjoy playing? A deck that you absolutely love? Then don’t think any harder! Craft the legendary cards from that deck!

F2P – Tons of fun?

Whizbang the Wonderful

Boomsday is a deck full of surprises, and one of the best surprises is Whizbang. It’s the perfect legendary for F2P players. The card allows you to play all the pre-made decks. Naturally, you don’t get the card in your set, but you can use it in ladder and friendly matches. The deck you use it in is just as much a surprise as the card itself!

Note: This card is banned in the Hearthstone competitive scene. In other words, you can’t use the card in Blizzard official tournaments.

Note: Golden Whizbang gives you golden cards/decks. Non Golden Whizbangs don’t.

The strongest/most important legendaries in the game

My top five cards are based on data and % from HSReplay and on the current meta decks. As I said earlier, try as much as possible to use the legendaries that fit the class and decks that you enjoy playing. I try to put neutral legendaries in the top five as often as I can, so you have the chance to use them in as many classes as possible.

5. Death Knight!


Last place was the most difficult to choose. I leave it to your personal taste and playstyle. I find these DKs to be the strongest in the meta. Every class has its own DK, which lets you change your hero for one with a newer, stronger hero power.

Note: Guldan isn’t used as much at the moment, because Zoo-Warlock has become popular.

4. Leeeeeeroy

leeroy jenkins

Old but GOLD (literally), this card has been in the game since beta, and has never let us down. It’s an enormously strong finisher, and a card that has a lot of combo possibilities, some of which include Coldblood, Shadowstep, Faceless, and Unleash the Hounds.

It can be found in current meta likes such as: Odd Paladin, Odd Rogue, Zoo Warlock, and Spiteful Druid.

3. Prince Keleseth

prince keleseth

This is perhaps the most hated card in Hearthstone. From the first turn (with coin) or the second, this card can increase your win rate 15 percent! No other card gets this kind of result in the early game. The glory days of Kelseth were back in the Tempo Rogue decks, where you could end up playing against a Keleseth and a double Shadowstep combo.

Price Keleseth can be found current meta decks like: Deathrattle Hunter, Shudderwock Shaman, Zoo Warlock, and Spiteful Druid.

2. Baku the Mooneater

baku the mooneater

This card is so high on my list because it’s included in three insanely strong meta decks, which are all tier 1 or high tier 2. The card itself isn’t the strongest, but it’s the ability that we’re looking to take advantage of. Baku ensures that your hero power is upgraded, in the same manner as Justicar! This card ranks second on my list, but in my opinion, it’s just as strong as the card in first place.

Found in current meta decks like: Odd Warrior, Odd Paladin, and Odd Rogue.

justicar trueheart new hero powers

1. Lich King

the lich king

This is the best of the best. This card sits in first place because it can fit in nearly ever type of deck. Aggro, control, anti-control? They all work with Lich King. It’s a neutral card, and that’s already enough reason that it’s the most played legendary in Hearthstone. Absolutely a must have!

Found in current meta decks like: All of them!

Frostmourne Meta

I hope this guide helped you put your dust to good use! I’ll keep this list up to date, just in case a new meta deck arrives out of the blue. Have more questions? Ask them via social media at the links below! You can also find more deck guides here.

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