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Posted by Doppler 5 August 2016 in Hearthstone


My name is Chinoize ( https://twitter.com/ONE_Chinoize ) playing for Sector One.

I’ve been meaning to make a post about Renolock for a while now, since it’s my favorite deck and I often have to bear listening to players going about: “how bad Reno is in the current meta” and how “it’s only if you good if you manage to draw Reno”. The purpose of this article is not to convince you that Reno is a  top tier deck in the meta, but that it’s still a strong deck right now and should not just get thrown away into the “complete trash” –  pile.

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The Reno’s Advocate

If you take a look at the VS meta report or at the Tempostorm meta snapshot, we can see that Renolock is very poorly ranked.

Even though it may seem like it’s a bad deck to play right now when taking a look at the poor statistics, the current ladder meta is flooded with Warriors. Renolock has a great matchup versus every Warrior archetype, with OTK Worgen Warrior as an exception.

These are my own statistics from my climb to legend.

chinoize renolock

Warriorstone, amIright?[/vc_column_text][ish_divider][ish_list]A few facts:

In a tournament setting picking reno has the following upsides:

  • People often expect Zoo, so you’ll have the surprise factor
  • You will counter every Warrior deck (except: OTK)
  • Line-ups often try to counter Zoo, picking Renolock may disrupt their game plan

Even though Renolock is a deck that has now been around for a while, I often see players make mulligan mistakes or just playing horrible Reno decks. Knowing how to mulligan versus all the classes can give your winrate a boost, so can just picking the right Reno deck in the Meta (You dont want Leeroy Jenkins, Faceless Manipulator, Power Overwhelming in a aggressive meta.

But don’t worry below you’ll find a more in-depth explanation.

Which decklist should you pick?

Picking the right decklist is essential with Reno and with every expansion and meta development it’s always somewhat of an adjustment to find that right decklist.

Currently I really like Hoej’s Renolocks list, running N'Zoth, the Corruptor.

Class Specific Cards
  • 1Mortal Coil1 
  • 1Power Overwhelming1 
  • 1Possessed Villager1 
  • 2Dark Peddler1 
  • 3Demonwrath1 
  • 3Shadow Bolt1 
  • 3Imp Gang Boss1 
  • 4Hellfire1 
  • 4Shadowflame1 
  • 6Siphon Soul1 
  • 8Twisting Nether1 
  • 9Lord Jaraxxus1 
Neutral Cards
  • 2Acidic Swamp Ooze1 
  • 2Doomsayer1 
  • 2Sunfury Protector1 
  • 3Earthen Ring Farseer1 
  • 3Harvest Golem1 
  • 4Defender of Argus1 
  • 4Infested Tauren1 
  • 4Refreshment Vendor1 
  • 4Spellbreaker1 
  • 4Twilight Drake1 
  • 5Stampeding Kodo1 
  • 6Cairne Bloodhoof1 
  • 6Emperor Thaurissan1 
  • 6Reno Jackson1 
  • 6Sylvanas Windrunner1 
  • 8Ragnaros the Firelord1 
  • 10N'Zoth, the Corruptor1 
  • 12Mountain Giant1 

This list has an excellent performance versus Warrior, and is able to keep up with both aggressive and control decks. Fr0zen used a similar list to finish rank 1 Legend, using Harvest Golem instead of Brann Bronzebeard Right now I would advise playing Harvest Golem due to the faster meta game.

Why play N'Zoth, the Corruptor over Combo ?

In this aggressive meta you don’t want dead cards in your hand like Leeroy Jenkins or Faceless Manipulator.
N'Zoth, the Corruptor or Lord Jaraxxus will guarantee you winning the late game anyway.

Why pick N'Zoth, the Corruptor over C'Thun ?

N’Zoth stands a better chance vesus both Warrior and Druid than C'Thun, two very common classes in the meta. N'Zoth, the Corruptor poses an enormous threat versus warrior, forcing him to have at least one Brawl in hand. You can also bait out that Brawl and then start spamming Lord Jaraxxus 6/6 [Infernal]s across the board.

Versus Druid it’s just an instant board flood forcing him to either play a wacky card like Deathwing or clown fiesta you with Yogg-Saron, Hope's End. In any case even after they’ve used their AoE board clear you still have your deathrattles that pose a threat.

So how do I play this, draw Reno and Elegiggle?


N’Zoth Renolock wins the game by stalling for as long as possible and making a strong late game board. Reno Jackson provides you with means to survive throughout early & mid-game aggression and is often a reset button for most games.

Often versus heavy aggro decks it boils down to drawing either Reno Jackson or an early Doomsayer.

Versus control you should always feel in a comfortable position, because you are playing both Lord Jaraxxus and N'Zoth, the Corruptor.

As with any deck mulliganing correctly is extremely important, but even more so in Reno. Seeing how you are only running 1-offs, and therefore you only have one card of each in your deck, you can get punished extra hard when not keeping the right cards in your opening hand.

Hearthstone Shaman

Doomsayer, Hellfire and Reno Jackson (Keep Imp Gang Boss? =>NO! Only if you have either Reno Jackson or Doomsayer)

Hearthstone Hunter

Possessed Villager, Imp Gang Boss, Sunfury Protector, Dark Peddler, Mortal Coil, Doomsayer and Reno Jackson

Hearthstone Mage

Doomsayer, Demonwrath, Imp Gang Boss, Hellfire, Shadow Bolt and Reno Jackson

Hearthstone Paladin

Doomsayer, Mortal Coil, Imp Gang Boss and Reno Jackson

Hearthstone Priest

Doomsayer, Mountain Giant, Twilight Drake and Reno Jackson

Hearthstone Rogue

Shadow Bolt, Imp Gang Boss, Twilight Drake, Mountain Giant, Reno Jackson

Hearthstone Druid

Doomsayer, Imp Gang Boss, Twilight Drake, Possessed Villager and Reno Jackson

Hearthstone Warlock

Doomsayer, Hellfire, Imp Gang Boss, Dark Peddler and Reno Jackson

Hearthstone Warrior

Shadow Bolt, Doomsayer, Acidic Swamp Ooze and Reno Jackson

“Just to clairify, I am not claiming that Renolock is the best warlock deck archetype right now. I am just making an argument that Renolock is still playable in both a Ladder & Tournament setting and can be just as powerful as other Warlock deck archetypes.” – Chinoize

So many possibilities…

Possible tech choices:

Sometimes I change Mountain Giant for Soggoth the Slitherer, Mountain Giant can be to slow from time to time, currently playing with Soggoth the Slitherer instead of Mountain Giant.

A few pointers:

That’s all folks!

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