ESL Benelux Overview

It's that time of the year again. Sector One is going to Dreamhack!
This time we're shaking things up a bit. We're sending the H1Z1 boys on their rampage tour through Sweden.
Dranoxx, Duncan, KoekjeHebbe and JudgeJustified will be picking up their AR's and molotovs to show you who's boss of the Arena.

New partner: Deckselect

DeckSelect is a tournament tool for Hearthstone that allows players to play pick & ban format. All you have to do is fill in your Battletag, decide how many picks & bans need to happen, share your private URL with your opponent and you’re good to go.

Sector One Rebranded

Wanting to keep track with these developments, our most recent undertaking is aimed at reviewing our past achievement and aligning them with what is needed to keep going forward. For this we have set ourselves new goals in regards to maintaining and supporting our growth as an organisation, striving towards new goals within the ‘E-Sports Scene’ and renewing our brand/logo.


Esport News: We get two victories in the ESL Benelux cup
Top Faction Decks by LbDutchboy

Top Faction Decks by LbDutchboy Greetings fellow card slingers, Welcome to our first Gwent Top Faction Decks where you can find the best faction deck for every faction. Whether...

Sector One’s invited to the Armateam’s Hearthstone Team League

Follow : All the matches will be streamed live on ArmaTV : You can also follow us here or on our social media in order to get the...

Mill Warlock by Sjoesie

POPULAR MATCHUPS JADE DRUID The Jade Druid matchup is very straightforward: stay alive while clearing everything they put on the board. Tap as much as possible early on,...

Frag-o-Matic 19.1 :: Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Poule P 1 TeamWF! 2 - 0 2 ABOVE.Pink 1 - 1 3 Autobots 0 - 2

Sector One is looking for Gwent players

Sector One is looking for Gwent Players       Sector One is proud to announce a new title to our roster in the new and exciting...