Sector One Rebranded

Wanting to keep track with these developments, our most recent undertaking is aimed at reviewing our past achievement and aligning them with what is needed to keep going forward. For this we have set ourselves new goals in regards to maintaining and supporting our growth as an organisation, striving towards new goals within the ‘E-Sports Scene’ and renewing our brand/logo.

New partner: Deckselect

DeckSelect is a tournament tool for Hearthstone that allows players to play pick & ban format. All you have to do is fill in your Battletag, decide how many picks & bans need to happen, share your private URL with your opponent and you’re good to go.

ESL Benelux Overview

Do you play Hearthstone, CS:GO or League of Legends? Ready up! This new season of the ESL Benelux Championship will kick-off in a big way with players from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg competing for a €15.000 prizepool.


H1Z1 Royalty Showdown with Duncan and KoekjeHebbe

We’re proud to announce that two of our very own players are amongst this selection: Maarten “Koekjehebbe” Mariën and Jannick “Duncan” De Thaeyen. They managed to secure a spot,...

Sector One goes to Geek Days in Lille, France

With a strong line-up, our League of Legends boys have qualified and are now ready to show off their skill at Geek-Days in France

Introducing CS:GO

Today we are proud to announce the lineup for our new CS:GO division. The team consists of experienced and skilled individuals that have garnered quite a few trophies from...

Hearthstone Global Games: Team Belgium
Top Legend Decks: Un’Goro Expansion

Guukboii here again, bringing you my insight into a few creative and interesting decks that were successfully played at the Top Legend ranks in the current Un’Goro meta.

Sjoesie’s Top 10 Legend Miracle Priest Guide

Hello, I’m Sjoesie, a Belgian Hearthstone player. You might know me for the guide I wrote about an unique Echo Mage, with which I reached a top 100 finish.