Sector One is one of the largest esports organizations in the Benelux. Founded in May 2014 by a pair of dedicated esports advocates, the group has grown from a two-man operation into a group of passionate players, managers, coaches and support staff.

  • 2014
  • $25m
  • 34
  • 78

Meet the organization staff

  • Damien Rapoye

    Damien Rapoye

    Managing Director
  • Ken Sevenants

    Ken Sevenants

    Operations Director & Founder
  • Dietger Marechal

    Dietger Marechal

    Technical Director
  • Jeroen Dobbelaere

    Jeroen Dobbelaere

    General Manager, Team Manager (LoL & RL)
  • Vincent Vanloo

    Vincent Vanloo

    General Manager, Team Manager (CS:GO)
  • Stijn Vanden Broucke

    Stijn Vanden Broucke

    Team Manager (HS)
  • Catherine Rector

    Catherine Rector

    Content Manager
  • Lorenzo Menz

    Lorenzo Menz

  • Ana Lucía Fernández Rincón

    Ana Lucía Fernández Rincón

  • Tibo Nijs

    Tibo Nijs

    League of Legends Assistant Coach