Sector One Invitational V2

Posted by Rondels 14 September 2016 in Hearthstone

Sector One proudly presents: The Invitational V2: Gameforce – Race to Legend

During Gameforce, four Hearthstone players will start out with brand new accounts and take on the challenge to climb as high as possible on the ranked ladder. 3 Invited players (who will be announced over the next few days) and a qualified player will be competing for more than €500 and SteelSeries gear.

The Players

The Rules

  • Each Player will receive an account containing: a “Welcome Bundle” and every adventure unlocked, but has yet to be completed.
  • Before the day kicks off players will take turns banning classes which other players are not able to use. Each player will receive 3 banned classes.
  • Last Hour of Each day contains a “Free For All”, meaning that bans no longer apply and every player is free to pick any class.
  • Players can Disenchant any card they open or use the gold they’ve earned. However, they cannot disenchant cards from adventures.
  • If two players happen to meet on ladder, the winner of the match can choose a card of his opponent’s collection to disenchant.

The extended ruleset will be made available later today!

Earning Packs

Every player gets 3 packs per hour. The player can choose to get normal, WoToG or TGT card packs.

Twitch Chat, best chat
Every now and then Twitch chat can decide what will happen to the players. Will the town’s favorite get some extra packs or will the village idiot get punished?

At set hours, the players will be randomly paired into two matches and play in a 1v1 BO1 single elimination tournament. The winner will be awarded with 5 extra packs, loser will be Time-Outed for 5 minutes.

Social Media
Viewers will be able to vote through the Facebook app who gets some extra packs!

Catch up
Every third hour the player in the last position will be awarded with 3 extra packs.

How Can I Qualify?

Seeing how this is a “Legend Race” not just any player is allowed to qualify for this event.

Only players who are currently Legend are allowed to participate. 

Winner of the qualifier receives a paid trip to GameForce and a spot in the Legend Race (only for players residential in Belgium / The Netherlands).

The qualifier will be hosted on 27/09 on