Top Legend Decks: Un’Goro Expansion

Posted by Guukboii 14 May 2017 in Hearthstone

Hey everyone!

Guukboii here again, bringing you my insight into a few creative and interesting decks that were successfully played at the Top Legend ranks in the current Un’Goro meta.

I’ll be talking about:

Control Paladin Rank 1 by Underscore (The Deck | Twitter)
Secret Mage Rank 2 by Puksin (The Deck | Twitter)
Miracle Rogue Rank 1 by Meati (The Deck | Twitter)
Discard Handlock Rank 13 by Ponta (The Deck | Twitter)
Miracle Priest Rank 9 by Sjoesie (The Deck | Twitter)
Class Specific Cards
  • 0Forbidden Healing1 
  • 4Equality2 
  • 2Hydrologist2 
  • 3Aldor Peacekeeper2 
  • 3Wickerflame Burnbristle1 
  • 4Consecration2 
  • 4Truesilver Champion2 
  • 6Ivory Knight2 
  • 6Spikeridged Steed2 
  • 6Sunkeeper Tarim1 
  • 8Ragnaros, Lightlord1 
  • 8Tirion Fordring1 
Neutral Cards
  • 2Doomsayer2 
  • 2Wild Pyromancer2 
  • 3Stonehill Defender2 
  • 5Stampeding Kodo2 
  • 7The Curator1 
  • 8Primordial Drake2 

Underscore very recently reached #1 Legend for the second time this month with this control paladin. The first time was on the 2nd of May. The fact that he didn’t change a single card in the list, even though the meta changed quite a bit during this time, is quite interesting. This means that the list is very solid against most of the decks you meet on ladder. Although it is still a control deck so it might be hard for newer players to fully understand how to play it, so I hope I can shed some more light on the matter.


Stop early aggression by using cards like Doomsayer, Aldor Peacekeeper and Truesilver Champion. When their board gets out of hand, reset it with an Equality combo (Wild Pyromancer and/or Consecration or even Primordial Drake), possibly followed up by a Doomsayer so they can’t take initiative again and you can drop a big threat on the following turn. In the later stages of the game, start using threats like: Tirion Fordring, Ragnaros, Lightlord or whatever you got from Stonehill Defender. Sunkeeper Tarim is also extremely good, allowing you to make efficient trades with your opponent’s board or just push a lot of damage if you have some Silver Hand Recruits on the board.


Always keep Doomsayer, Hydrologist and Truesilver Champion. Aldor Peacekeeper is often a good keep as well if you already have one of the former cards.
Wild Pyromancer with The Coin against aggressive decks or when you already have Equality in hand.
Keep Stonehill Defender and The Curator against Control decks.


1 Forbidden Healing: Extremely good against any type of mages to heal you up to full again after you’ve taken control of the board. Although it can find its use in any matchup, even if it’s just to heal up a minion or use as a Wild Pyromancer activator.

Hydrologist: A decent minion to contest the early board and the secrets can generate a lot of value when used wisely. Getaway Kodo against control, Noble Sacrifice or Redemption against aggressive decks and Eye for an Eye against mage to bypass their Ice Block.

Wickerflame Burnbristle: Slow down early aggression with the taunt and heal.

The Curator: Almost always draws you 3 cards. (Hydrologist, Stampeding Kodo and Primordial Drake) One of the core cards of this deck.

Class Specific Cards
  • 1Kabal Lackey2 
  • 2Mana Wyrm2 
  • 2Arcanologist2 
  • 2Frostbolt2 
  • 2Medivh's Valet2 
  • 2Primordial Glyph2 
  • 3Arcane Intellect2 
  • 3Counterspell2 
  • 3Ice Block1 
  • 3Kirin Tor Mage2 
  • 3Mana Bind1 
  • 3Potion of Polymorph1 
  • 3Spellbender1 
  • 4Ethereal Arcanist2 
  • 4Fireball2 
  • 6Kabal Crystal Runner2 
  • 7Firelands Portal1 
Neutral Cards
  • 10Yogg-Saron, Hope's End1 

A lot of people have been getting extremely good results with Secret Mage on ladder but I chose Puksin’s list because it looked most innovative, he is the only one that added Ethereal Arcanist. Notable mention to who hit #1 with his own version of the deck.

A lot of people have been getting extremely good results with Secret Mage on ladder but I chose Puksin’s list because it looked most innovative, he is the only one that added Ethereal Arcanist. Notable mention to who hit #1 with his own version of the deck.


The deck is fairly aggressive, try to prioritize plays that gain you the most tempo in a turn. Mana Wyrm + The Coin + Mana Wyrm is often a worthy trade-off, even if you don’t have any follow-up, due to most decks having no answer(s) against it and it allowing you to pushing quite a lot of damage in those first turns. Combos like: Kabal Lackey + Secret + Medivh's Valet give you an insane amount of tempo for 3 mana. Try to think about what your opponent will do on the following turn in order to play the best possible secret in that situation. Push as much face damage in the midgame and then finish them off with your burnspells like Fireball, although don’t hold back on using a Fireball as removal if this results in your board being protected against certain trades.


Always keep Mana Wyrm and Arcanologist. Keep Kabal Lackey if you already have Arcanologist. Keep Medivh's Valet if you have both Kabal Lackey and Arcanologist. Never keep any secrets, Kabal Lackey into Counterspell turn 1 to deny the quest might seem like a next-level play but any good player will not fall for it and use The Coin first.


1 Ice Block: Can possibly give you an extra turn to push for lethal damage but the reason this card is in the deck is to always have a secret up to combo with Ethereal Arcanist and/or Medivh's Valet.

Counterspell: Protects you against (AoE) removal and well-timed it can deny a rogue to play Crystal Core.

Mana Bind: Who doesn’t want a free Firelands Portal or Lay on Hands? The timing is extremely important with this secret. I, personally, am a little sceptic about its place in the deck because most good players will play around it if possible, it also doesn’t deny any tempo or value on their turn.

Potion of Polymorph: Again, timing is crucial, try to play it into a Tirion Fordring. This secret does some good work against Questrogue to deny a bounce.

Spellbender: Paladin will never be able to play Spikeridged Steed since they don’t have any other targetable spells in their deck. Solid 1-off.

Ethereal Arcanist: Very often a 4 mana 5/5 that has to be removed or it will keep growing!

Yogg-Saron, Hope's End: The Hail Mary of your deck, whenever you are behind just let this Old God do some work.

Class Specific Cards
  • 0Backstab2 
  • 0Counterfeit Coin1 
  • 0Preparation2 
  • 2Cold Blood1 
  • 1Hallucination2 
  • 1Swashburglar2 
  • 2Eviscerate2 
  • 2Razorpetal Lasher2 
  • 2Sap2 
  • 3Edwin VanCleef1 
  • 3Mimic Pod1 
  • 3Shaku, the Collector1 
  • 3SI:7 Agent2 
  • 4Sherazin, Corpse Flower1 
  • 5Vilespine Slayer2 
Neutral Cards
  • 1Patches the Pirate1 
  • 1Southsea Deckhand1 
  • 5Burgly Bully1 
  • 5Leeroy Jenkins1 
  • 6Gadgetzan Auctioneer2 

Miracle Rogue has been around for years, it got nerfed numerous times but it always seems to be able to make a comeback. Even though Quest Rogue is a lot more popular and arguably stronger, Meati managed to pilot his own version of Rogue to #1 Legend.


Keep your opponent’s board as cleared as possible early on with cards like Swashburglar (into Patches the Pirate), Backstab and SI:7 Agent. Try to make huge tempo plays by playing a minion and at the same time removing a minion with the help of Preparation and Eviscerate. Once you have control of the board you can cycle through your deck with Gadgetzan Auctioneer in order to eventually finish them off with a Leeroy Jenkins + Cold Blood combo.


Always keep Backstab and Swashburglar. Southsea Deckhand can be kept in more aggressive matchups to help control the board and get Patches the Pirate out of your deck. Keep SI:7 Agent if you already have one of the former. Razorpetal Lasher can be kept when going second to possibly coin it out, when going first you want to dagger on turn 2 most of the time. Keep Hallucination in any matchup that isn’t extremely fast (Pirate Warrior, Aggro Druid). Always keep Edwin VanCleef on The Coin and/or with Counterfeit Coin/Preparation.


Southsea Deckhand: Why play the second charger when you already have Leeroy? The reason, as mentioned above, is mostly due to its addition as an extra board control option and a more consistent way not to draw Patches the Pirate before another pirate.

1 Cold Blood: This card can put a lot of pressure on your opponent in the mid-game and it gives you more reach against control decks.

1 Mimic Pod: Similar to Arcane Intellect, cycle through your deck faster and has some high-roll potential if you draw an extra copy of a certain card in a specific situation.

Shaku, the Collector: Solid turn 3 play, is hard to remove so it allows you to trade on your terms on the next turn and it gives you an extra card, which is always good.

Sherazin, Corpse Flower: Insanely strong against midrange and control, just keep reviving it. Be aware! Don’t just throw away cards to revive it if this can result in a disadvantage on the following turn(s).

Burgly Bully: If you are ahead this card is insane, it gives you free coins to cycle with Gadgetzan Auctioneer, 1 is more than enough though because it is quite a dead card when behind.

Leeroy Jenkins: A good finisher paired with Cold Blood and/or Eviscerate(s).

Class Specific Cards
  • 1Malchezaar's Imp2 
  • 1Mortal Coil2 
  • 1Soulfire2 
  • 4Hellfire2 
  • 4Lakkari Felhound2 
  • 5Doomguard2 
  • 5Tar Lurker2 
  • 7Abyssal Enforcer2 
Neutral Cards
  • 1Mistress of Mixtures2 
  • 2Doomsayer1 
  • 3Earthen Ring Farseer2 
  • 3Tar Creeper2 
  • 4Faceless Shambler2 
  • 4Twilight Drake2 
  • 9Alexstrasza1 
  • 12Mountain Giant2 

Warlock is probably the worst class in the meta right now but Ponta managed to get quite a high rank with his very own Discard Handlock. Ponta decided to cut all the cards that are bad in a vacuum (e.g. Silverware Golem) and only play the good cards. Malchezaar's Imp is still a solid minion without its effect. Having Life Tap also negates discarding 2 cards in order to play a Lakkari Felhound or Doomguard for tempo.


Against more Aggressive decks try to gain control of the board first with cards like Mistress of Mixtures, Malchezaar's Imp or Doomsayer so you don’t take too much damage. Clean their board up with Hellfire and start playing big(ger) minions and taunt them up. Heal with Earthen Ring Farseer or with Alexstrasza if necessary. Against slower decks you often don’t want to play anything until turn 4, just Life Tap every turn and then play a Mountain Giant or Twilight Drake followed up by a Faceless Shambler.


Pretty much the same as mentioned above, look for early game cards like Mistress of Mixtures, Malchezaar's Imp, Mortal Coil, Doomsayer, Tar Creeper and possibly Hellfire against faster decks. Against slower decks you look for Mountain Giant and Twilight Drake.


1 Doomsayer: Really good card on turn 2 to clear their board most of the time and take initiative on the following turn. Only 1 of them is in the deck because the card is a lot worse in the later stages due to not having a full board clear in this deck. (Full board clear like Wild Pyromancer/Equality followed up by a Doomsayer is really strong.)

Soulfire: An extremely good and cheap card to control the board or have some reach later in the game.

Lakkari Felhound: 4 mana 3 /8 taunt, it does discard 2 cards but against aggressive decks this is less impactful. Against slower decks it can be used in combination with Malchezaar's Imp in order to just cycle the discarded cards.

Tar Lurker: Not much pressure but stops most aggression by having 7 health and taunt.

Alexstrasza: Compared to Lord Jaraxxus it can be used both offensive and defensive, depending on the situation.

Class Specific Cards
  • 0Circle of Healing2 
  • 0Silence1 
  • 1Inner Fire2 
  • 1Northshire Cleric2 
  • 1Potion of Madness1 
  • 1Power Word: Shield2 
  • 2Divine Spirit2 
  • 2Radiant Elemental2 
  • 2Shadow Visions2 
  • 2Shadow Word: Pain2 
  • 3Kabal Talonpriest 2 
  • 4Tortollan Shellraiser1 
  • 4Priest of the Feast1 
  • 5Lyra the Sunshard1 
Neutral Cards
  • 2Wild Pyromancer2 
  • 3Acolyte of Pain2 
  • 3Tar Creeper2 
  • 5Elise the Trailblazer1 

My very own teammate Sjoesie managed to get #10, falling back out of high legend and peaking at #9 Legend again on the following day. This deck is extremely fun to play due to the satisfying nature of stomping your opponent in the face for 40+ damage and the potential combos that you can pull off with Lyra the Sunshard and/or Wild Pyromancer. Due to him having written a guide on this deck very recently I won’t be going into too much detail in this article. You can find the In-Depth full guide here:


The plan is to cycle your Divine Spirit + Inner Fire combo while still keeping control of the board with the help of Wild Pyromancer and Tar Creeper. Once they leave a minion alive on the board in the later stages of the game you can easily buff it up to very high health with Divine Spirit and then finish them off with Inner Fire.

Apart from this combo the deck has other ways to win: Generating Value. Lyra the Sunshard is basically an improved Gadgetzan Auctioneer, for every spell you play you get a spell back, and not to mention that this deck has access to Radiant Elemental to make everything cheaper. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also possible to play Elise the Trailblazer to put an Un’Goro Pack in your deck, which can then be copied with Shadow Visions, who doesn’t want 10 extra cards in his deck?


Always keep Northshire Cleric, Power Word: Shield, Radiant Elemental, Acolyte of Pain and Tar Creeper. (Don’t keep two 3-drops when going first). Keep Shadow Word: Pain and Potion of Madness against aggressive matchups, same goes for Wild Pyromancer if you have The Coin and/or Power Word: Shield already.


Circle of Healing: This card has a lot of potential with Northshire Cleric and/or Wild Pyromancer. Even if you can’t use it early on to draw or remove minions, you can always recycle it with Lyra the Sunshard. Although it’s a good card, 1 is more than enough because it can be quite clunky sometimes.

Silence: Contrary to the silence priest, this card is almost never used on your own minions (exceptions exist with a freezing effect for example). It’s also a necessary card against minions like Primordial Drake or Spikeridged Steed, since Silence is the only way to bypass that taunt. Due to not playing Shadow Word: Death it is also absolutely necessary to have one against cards like Edwin VanCleef. Against aggro it can also be used in combination with Wild Pyromancer for a free whirlwind effect, which most of the times results in a board clear. You’ll always find a use for it.

Potion of Madness: This is a great card against aggro and just in the early game in general. Also allows you to make some interesting and strong combo plays.

Tar Creeper: It’s a great minion for both stopping damage, protecting your board and buffing spells because of its high health. This minion really helps establishing a board early on.

Tortollan Shellraiser: Same as Tar Creeper. Great amount of health and one of the best minions in the four mana slot for priest, the deathrattle is less significant but is still an added benefit if it procs. This card can be replaced by Priest of the Feast when playing against a lot of mages where heal is important.

Harrison Jones: Weapon removal is great in a meta where a lot of weapon classes and Medivh are being played. The draw is really handy for a combo reliant deck like this.

Elise the Trailblazer: This is your lategame value card. With Shadow Visions you can copy the pack for even more extra cards!