Top Legend Standard Decks: S1P1 – A Whole New World

Posted by Rondels 4 May 2016 in Hearthstone

[ish_image image=”2438″ size=”full”]The old gods have risen and have turned the entire Meta upside down. Midrange Shaman is now one of the strongest deck archetypes and all around us new deck archetypes are popping up left and right. Many of these completely new decks still seek some refinement, while the already existing deck archetypes such as Zoo, or Midrange shaman have already been figured out how to build in the past and require less tinkering.

The future looks extremely exciting, N’zoth Deathrattle Paladin has been tinkered with quite a bit, as well as several variations of Miracle Rogue, some even bringing back Leeroy Jenkins. Zoo Warlock | Bloodlust Shaman | Tempo Warrior | Leeroy Miracle Rogue[ish_image image=”2430″ size=”full”][ish_tgg_acc][ish_tgg_acc_item el_title=”Decklist (Show/Hide)”][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/1″][ish_image image=”2421″ size=”full”][/ish_tgg_acc_item][/ish_tgg_acc]“Rdu” is a very familiar sounding name for most Hearthstone players, within the first day of the release of the new expansion he has taken the #3 Legend spot on Asia with a new breed of Zoo.
The core deck was originally created by modernleper who piloted it to top 20 legend. Rdu saw the potential of this new Zoo list and together with Greensheep they fine tuned the deck, adding in cards such as the recently nerfed Knife Juggler, who is still an extremely valuable resource in this deck.
If you want to catch RDU in action check him out on Twitch he streams regulary or follow him on Twitter[ish_headline tag_size=”h4″]General Strategy

Your goal is to take control of the board very early and using that to snowball into a win. You want to be “flooding” the board in order to get the benefits from Gormok the Impaler, Darkshire Councilman or make Sea Giant very cheap to be played. Forbidden Ritual is also a very powerful card that can has great synergy with tons of other minions.
Keep control of the board and trade your weaker minions. When you are already far ahead you can just start cashing in the damage and go face. Try to play around board clear abilities such as Hellfire or Consecration.[ish_headline tag_size=”h4″]General Mulligan

General rule: always keep your one drops and Imp Gang Boss, keep your Abusive Sergeant when you already have a one drop.
Mulligan hard for cheap minions like Voidwalker, Flame Imp, Argent Squire, Possessed Villager, Dark Peddler, Imp Gang Boss..
Try to get a drop for every turn in your hand for example: T1 Argent Squire, T2 Dark Peddler, Turn 3 Imp Gang Boss,…[ish_headline tag_size=”h4″]Notable Cards


[/ish_list][ish_image image=”2432″ size=”full”][ish_tgg_acc][ish_tgg_acc_item el_title=”Decklist (Show/Hide)”][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/1″][ish_image image=”2422″ size=”full”][/ish_tgg_acc_item][/ish_tgg_acc]Loyan has been playing Shaman for almost as long as Hearthstone exists, he really enjoys playing Midrange Shaman and loves tinkering around with the deck. Just before season reset both Loyan & Xixo were competing for the #1 Legend finish, using the exact same deck. It comes as a no surprise that shaman is one of the strongest classes right now in Hearthstone, their class cards are extremely strong in the current set and can really apply heavy pressure to their opponent.
If you want to learn Midrange Shaman, I suggest you watch his stream: he explains his plays and has a very entertaining streaming style.[ish_headline tag_size=”h4″]General Strategy

Establish board control and keep defending your board by making favorable trades. Once you have control of the board slowly chunk down your opponent with your value creatures, be mindful of AoE effects such as Flamestrike / [Conscecration] / Equality. Make sure you are always counting your damage on board and in hand, sometimes your bloodlust + other burst damage in hand can just close the game rapidly. You either win by slowly chunking down your opponent by gaining board control or just bursting him down.
Loyan has also written a guide of how to play versus most popular deck archetypes, It’s a pretty good read and gives you some insight on how to navigate certain matchups:[ish_headline tag_size=”h4″]General Mulligan

Look for your early game: Tunnel Trogg, Argent Squire, Rockbiter Weapon, Totem Golem, Flame Juggler.
Keep Flame Juggler if you have a 1 or 2 drop.[ish_headline tag_size=”h4″]Matchups

This deck performs well versus most Midrange / Aggro decks but loses to heavy Control.

Favored Matchups: Aggro Druid / C’thun Druid, Mid / Control Hunter, (Any) Rogue, Aggro Paladin
Unfavored Matchups: Control / Deathrattle Paladin, Control Priest, Control Warrior, Reno Warlock[ish_headline tag_size=”h4″]Notable Cards


[/ish_list][ish_image image=”2433″ size=”full”][ish_tgg_acc][ish_tgg_acc_item el_title=”Decklist (Show/Hide)”][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/1″][ish_image image=”2425″ size=”full”][/ish_tgg_acc_item][/ish_tgg_acc]Tempo Warrior is a new deck archetype we saw pop up a month before the release of WoToG, Boarcontrol has revamped the list and has had plenty of success with it, peaking at #3 Legend. The list was used by several players to finish top 100 legend last season and has also seen quite a bit of tournament play, due to its anti-aggro nature and its ability to still win vs control.
If you want to keep up to date with BoarControl check out his twitter:[ish_headline tag_size=”h4″]General Strategy

Tempo warrior makes use of a build that is somewhere in between patron and Control. It uses the same cycle kit that Patron has (Battle Rage, Slam) and makes use of late game threats such as Ragnaros the Firelord, Cairne Bloodhoof, just like Control.
Use your weapons & other removal tools to keep the board clear. Your goal is to make your minions stick to the board. The Battle Rage / Slam / Acolyte of Pain help you keep up the tempo. Your win conditions vary, you can win by getting a [Frothing Bersker] to stick, or flooding the board with midrange threaths or just finish your opponent with Grommash Hellscream
Boarcontrol has also written a short write up of how to play versus all current popular deck archetypes:[ish_headline tag_size=”h4″]General Mulligan

When facing Aggro:
Fiery War Axe, Blood To Ichor, Armorsmith, Fierce Monkey, Slam

When facing Midrange:
Fiery War Axe , Frothing Berserker, Ravaging Ghoul, Armorsmith, Fierce Monkey, Slam

When facing Control:
Fiery War Axe , Acolyte of Pain, Battle Rage, Execute only keep a 4-drop if you have a decent curve[ish_headline tag_size=”h4″]Matchups

This deck performs well versus most Midrange / Aggro decks but loses to heavy Control.

Favored Matchups: Midrange Hunter/ Tempo Mage / Freeze Mage / Zoo warlock/ Priest / Reno Warlock
Unfavored Matchups: N’zoth (Deathrattle) Paladin / Midrange Shaman[ish_headline tag_size=”h4″]Notable Cards

Varian Wrynn: Instantly cycles 3 card and can just swarm the board with multiple threats
Cairne Bloodhoof: Sticky minion that is extremely valuable nowadays with the low amount of silence cards being run.
Ragnaros the Firelord: Late game power
Malkorok: Malkorok doesn’t have the best stats for a 7 – mana card and its value is quite dependent on the weapon you roll check out this infographic[ish_headline tag_size=”h4″]Tech Choices

Malkorok can be swapped for Sylvanas Windrunner[ish_image image=”2434″ size=”full”][ish_tgg_acc][ish_tgg_acc_item el_title=”Decklist (Show/Hide)”][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/1″][ish_image image=”2426″ size=”full”][/ish_tgg_acc_item][/ish_tgg_acc]Is Miracle Rogue back again? Xzirez is definitely having fun with the list regardless, he is a player that is known for his pre-nerfed Leeroy Miracle Rogue play and also for his innovation & experimentation with both the Rogue & Paladin class. He streams on a regular base and you can usually see him in action every day on[ish_headline tag_size=”h4″]General Strategy

Gain tempo and establish early board control by utilizing your hero power and tools such as: Backstab, SI:7 Agent and Preparation which concludes the core playstyle of this deck. The ideal situation is you dealing with your opponent’s minion, while developing your own.
Try to take over the early game with Backstab & SI:7 Agent, then make use of your Azure Drake & Tomb Pillager to fight for the board. Once you have plenty of spells and The Coin in your hand, you can start cycling with Gadgetzan Auctioneer to find your combo pieces and set up for Leeroy Jenkins + 2xCold Blood combo, totaling 14 Damage or more depending if you have any Eviscerate in hand.
“Flood” has a written a guide about a Cold Blood Miracle which functions smiliar to the Leeroy version if you want some tips versus certain matchups + mulligan tips I suggest you give it a read:[ish_headline tag_size=”h4″]General Mulligan

You always want to mulligan for Backstab & SI:7 Agent.
When facing Aggro Paladin or Zoo Warlock, keep Fan of Knives.
If you have Backstab& SI:7 Agent it is okay to keep your Tomb Pillager or Earthen Ring Farseer.
Also consider keeping Edwin VanCleef when on the coin, it can win you the game on the spot.[ish_headline tag_size=”h4″]Matchups

Favorable matchups: C’thun Druid, Priest (C’thun / Dragon), N’zoth (Deathrattle) Paladin

Unfavorable matchups: Shaman Aggro or Midrange

Main splashart by RalphHorsley on Deviantart